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[community profile] bpd is a community for those who suffer from borderline personality disorder and for those who want help dealing with loved ones who have the disorder.

[community profile] paranormal

Nov. 3rd, 2012 04:41 pm
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Since there's been an influx of people from LJ, figured I'd throw this out there.

[community profile] paranormal

It's a community centered on the paranormal, from ghosts to ufos to everything inbetween. I've been a bad mod and it's sat stagnant for two years while I haven't really been journaling, but I'd like to get the ball rolling with it again.

Also looking for co-mods to help me this time around, since I was too stubborn when I decided to open it. If you're interested, send me a PM.

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[community profile] bipolarsupport is a support community for bipolar disorder. We have daily posts for members to discuss how they're doing, and we'll be having broader discussion posts soon. Our only requirement is that members do have bipolar disorder.

a collection of art supplies labeled 'rainbowfic'

[community profile] rainbowfic is a challenge-based community for original fiction. The challenges can be explored at [community profile] rainbowlists, and [community profile] rainbowlounge is our games/discussion/etc. community. Come on by, check things out, introduction post, and pick your challenges if you're so inclined.We look forward to meeting you and reading your stories!
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Created a community for support, research, links, discussion and everything else, for people who have any form of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome or hypermobility syndrome and their friends and family.

Please come join if you have EDS and/or HMS or are interested in learning about either!

[community profile] ehlersdanlos
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[community profile] selfhelp_support_resource is a plural and fictive-friendly support and recovery community for pooling resources to deal with varied mental health issues, formally diagnosed and otherwise. We welcome all walks of life.

I'm also recruiting moderators since I can't do this alone.
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I opened a brand new community called [community profile] anxietysupport. It's a place for discussions on dealing and living with anxiety - of any spectrum. :)
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Just in time for the new year's rush: announcing [community profile] resolving, a community about making, keeping, tracking and achieving your long-term goals, no matter the length or subject of the goal.

Some stuff is still under construction, but come on over and meet your fellow goal makers here, read the plans for the community and give feedback, and read the guidelines.
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Since I'm laid up with a bum ankle, I figure...

Into ghost hunting? Find yourself fascinated by UFOs, aliens, and BEKs? Can't get enough of urban legends with a hint of truth in them?

[community profile] paranormal is a place to indulge in all of that. It's been dead for quite a while, since I haven't logged into DW in ages, but since I'm making this place my journaling home, I'd like to see it get a new influx of life.

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[community profile] typical is for people to talk about any sort of personality typing system they are familiar with. Discuss the merits and failings of systems, talk about your own type or other types or compatibility between types, ask questions, post what you think the types are for well-known real world persons or characters or anything else you can think of that would relate to personality typing systems. Basically if you spend a lot of time thinking about what Enneagram number your favorite character is or have discussions about the interaction between Intuitive and Sensitive people are or anything similar, please come check us out and join in the discussions!

We're just starting out, so if you have any suggestions as to how you'd like to see such a community run, please leave a comment on the feedback post and don't forget to fill out the member type-distribution polls (please only fill out if you are planning on participating in the community).

(Note: I, personally, am most familiar with Enneagram and MBTI so use them as examples a lot, but if you know of another system, don't hesitate to join and let us know about it too!)
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I've created a new comm, [community profile] meaculpa , which is a place to ask forgiveness of someone you know online.  Mostly I've done this as a response to the high level of "wanks" in fandom these days, but it's open to any DW users who want to use it.

Folks who run fandom comms- if you like the idea of this place and want to advertise it on your comm, please go ahead, as long as you point out the rules on the profile page, listed below.  If you'd like me to drop by and post an ad, please just ask- I'm tracking this entry.  Thanks.

The profile information is under the cut.
profile here )

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  • [community profile] carlsagan: A community dedicated to Carl Sagan, the American astronomer, author, Cornell professor, science populizer and SETI advocate. This community will be for the discussion of topics related to Carl Sagan, his life, work, books, lectures, passions and pursuits. This ranges anywhere from the science vs. religion debate, to SETI, to space travel to evolution to philosophy and much, much more. Open membership. Anyone open to respectful discussion is welcome to join.

  • [community profile] buddhists: An unmoderated Buddhists community for people practicing, studying or interested in Buddhism. Open membership. All are welcome.

  • [community profile] synaesthesis: A community for people who have synaesthesia, who are interested in synaesthesia or those who think they might have synaesthesia. Open membership and all are welcome to join.

  • Please join any of these communities. I'm eager to have other people posting besides myself. :)
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[community profile] adhd_chicks: for females with ADHD - we have our own special set of issues to deal with, right? Since we are still small, intro posts are more than welcome.
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Hi there! I've created [community profile] adhd_chicks, a community for/about females with ADD/ADHD.

Come on over, join, and introduce yourself if you're so inclined. We'd love to have you.

Edit: Someday I am totally going to get the format tags right on an entry.
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[community profile] paranormal is a community for discussion on all reaches of the paranormal, from ufos to ghosts to demons to spiritualism. We want your personal experiences, thoughts, articles, and discussion topics.

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[community profile] intj - Is a place for INTJs (and INTJ friendly people) to share experiences and discuss what they see as worth discussing. It's run by two of the three mods from the INTJ community on LJ.
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I just created a community, [community profile] asexuality, for discussion about asexuality, (see Wikipedia) and for people who are asexual.
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Please come on over and check out [community profile] adhd_chicks. There isn't much there yet, but I hope with some help from new members there will be!
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Leave it to me to create a not happy community. lol

[community profile] depression - Focused on depression and mental illnesses in general. For now I'm leaving the membership open and posts moded to see how well people can handle the serious topic.
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[community profile] infj: I noticed out of the MBTI communities here, there wasn't one yet for my type! So I created this, a community for those who identify as INFJ or are interested in learning more about the ways of the INFJ. :)

[community profile] stephinmerritt: For fans of Stephin Merritt and his various projects, such as: The Magnetic Fields, The Gothic Archies, Future Bible Heroes, the 6ths, and the recent musical scoring he did for the stage adaptation of Coraline.
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[community profile] intp  is a community for INTPs and the people who want to understand them. This community is open to all and discussion is welcome and encouraged. The moderator was briefly a moderator for a similar community on LJ. We're currently looking for a co-moderator so let me know if you are interested in helping to get this community going.


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