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I made a huge post of general communities last year, and since then I've been thinking: there are a TON of fandom-specific communities scattered across Dreamwidth that could use more attention. Some of them have never been promoted here, or even tagged so that it's easier for people to find.

So - and since it's conveniently Friday - this is a post for that purpose! Anyone is welcome to comment with whatever fandom-specific communities they know/find/want more people posting too.

Doesn't matter if they're considered "busy" or not; what's important is that more people know about them.

Note: I don't think this is against the community rules. Let me know if I'm wrong.
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It's been a while since Dreamwidth first started, so I dug around for some of the communities that I thought people might not be aware of and would be nice if they had some more activity happening.

Dreamwidth-specific: [community profile] dreamwidth_meta, [site community profile] dw_feed_promo, [site community profile] dw_design, [community profile] create_my_comm, [community profile] dwrocks, [community profile] dwstones, [community profile] followfriday ...

Graphic stuff: [community profile] icontutorial, [community profile] graphic_tutorials ...

Culture and learning: [community profile] history, [community profile] science, [community profile] rocket_to_the_future, [community profile] mythology, [community profile] paranormal, [community profile] monstrous_regiment ...

Life stuff: [community profile] environment, [community profile] treehuggers, [community profile] permaculture, [community profile] green_living, [community profile] unclutter, [community profile] product_junkies, [community profile] typical, [community profile] recipebox, [community profile] usability ...

Language and translation: [community profile] nihongo, [community profile] lostintranslation, [community profile] language_learning, [community profile] signlanguage, [community profile] linguafranca, [community profile] languageclub ...

Fandom stuff: [community profile] kinkmemepromo, [community profile] kinkmemes, [community profile] raw_manga, [community profile] convention_watch, [community profile] ficrecs, [community profile] fandomcares, [community profile] anti_recs, [community profile] checkitout, [community profile] on_the_bubble, [community profile] fem_thoughts, [community profile] hooked_on_heroines, [community profile] shes_awesome ...

Fandom meta: [community profile] metanews, [community profile] fandomacademia, [community profile] fandom_meta, [community profile] fandom_opendiscussion, [community profile] notfic, [community profile] tldrzone ...

Sell/buy/trade and creative stuff: [community profile] merchant_alley, [community profile] fandomgaragesale, [community profile] bartering, [community profile] buythis, [community profile] independentauthors, [community profile] dryspell, [community profile] paids ...

Media stuff: [community profile] fantasy, [community profile] spaceopera, [community profile] age_of_sail, [community profile] steampunk, [community profile] romancereviews, [community profile] starfighters, [community profile] webcomics, [community profile] overlooked, [community profile] shortfilms, [community profile] littleknownbooks, [community profile] thoughtfulromantics, [community profile] dreams_library, [community profile] sound_design ...

Music: [community profile] earworm, [community profile] rec_me_music, [community profile] musicshare, [community profile] onesongaday ...

Gaming: [community profile] gaming, [community profile] gamedesign, [community profile] letsplay ...

Vent stuff: [community profile] customers_suck, [community profile] co_workers_suck, [community profile] work_sucks, [community profile] rants, [community profile] international_snark ...

Questions and trivia: [community profile] leftoverresearchquarterly, [community profile] factfinding, [community profile] thequestionclub ...

Misc.: [community profile] iapps, [community profile] kiva, [community profile] drawthecircle, [community profile] anonymous ...
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These are some of the few Online Trading Card Games available on Dreamwidth. They function much like your normal card games in that you can collect cards by playing games and trade with other people.

[community profile] colors_tcg - A multifandom character TCG that features decks using mostly animanga-influenced art.

[community profile] pairings_tcg - A TCG that focuses particularly on pairings, either canon-based pairings or fanon-created pairings without gender-based limits.

[community profile] nakama_tcg - Focuses on collecting character cards by groups.

[community profile] astrology_tcg - A Western media TCG.
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Have a tumblr? Want to get more tumblr followers? Promote your tumblr at [community profile] tumblr_follow . You can post the link, a picture of your latests posts, and recommend other tumblrs to follow.

Not my comm but worth mentioning. DW has a [community profile] followfriday community. You can rec coms there as well as tagging your own posts with "followfriday" so that it shows up in the Latest page under that tag. This comm is also located at [livejournal.com profile] follow_friday
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It's been a while since we had one - promote your community amnesty.

Please post and promote about your favorite community on Dreamwidth. Multiple communities per post is fine and you don't need to be the moderator to post about them.

Please don't post about a community more than once in the next three days.

So a follow Friday Wednesday, Thursday, Friday!
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Starting now and through midnight in your timezone on Sunday - you can promote any community you like - once! Make a new post, comment on this one, join - whatever makes you happy.

It's been quiet here and I'd love to see that change, so please, post away. Remember, you don't have to be a mod to post about a community.
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Hey, folks! So, fandom-oriented folks are often a lot better at gathering and organizing places to hang out, and I know I've seen non-fandom folks feel left out sometimes. So, for 3W4DW I've decided to start up an idea I had a long time ago but didn't promote:

[community profile] prime_integrals

Basically, if you are non-fandom or have a non-fandom journal, become a member of that community. Even if you don't want to subscribe to it! That way, other non-fandom people will see your public posts pop up on the member's posts page. You can also make posts to the main community trying to find certain journal reading recommendations or just chatting.
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It's that time again. Recommend your favorite communities...to the community of readers here! You don't have to be a mod to recommend them.
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Time once again for a recommendation spree. Please post here with your follow friday recommendations for communities. You don't have to be the maintainer to recommend!



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Music lovers! Looking to expand your horizons? Want to spread the word of a band? Just want to have a little fun? Then [community profile] deeprange_radio is for you!

An outgrowth and modification of the old [livejournal.com profile] audiography community on Livejournal, Deeprange Radio is a way to pick up new artists and sounds, turn someone on to your favorite band, and more. With a weekly theme and other community participation events in the works, we look to increase member interaction and thus increase artist support.

...OK, that all sounds a bunch of bullshit. But why not check it out anyway? Nothing to lose, everything to gain.
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Most of these are pretty self-explanatory, I think, so I won't add much commentary:


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