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Genre: Celebrity BDSM RPS
Name: Citadel
Contact: the mods - [personal profile] jennandanica, [personal profile] fiercy and [personal profile] alley_oops
Main Comm: Citadel
Minimum Age Requirement: 18+
Deadline: None

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Genre: Celebrity BDSM RPS
Name: Citadel
Contact: the mods - [personal profile] jennandanica, [personal profile] fiercy and [personal profile] alley_oops
Main Comm: Citadel
Minimum Age Requirement: 18+
Deadline: None

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Genre: Celebrity BDSM RPS
Name: Citadel
Contact: the mods - [personal profile] jennandanica, [personal profile] fiercy and [profile] sally_simpson76
Main Comm: Citadel
Minimum Age Requirement: 18+
Deadline: None

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Silo Sunset is a pan-fandom game set in the Metal Gear universe, circa 1975. Your character wakes up on the offshore facility dubbed "Mother Base" with no memory of how they arrived there, other than a vague memory of flying. Due to the fact that Mother Base is a military installation in the middle of the ocean, there's no option of leaving, but fear not, no matter if you're soldier or civilian, Big Boss will find a use for you in his Militaires Sans Frontières (Soldiers Without Borders).

The story of the game loosely follows the format of the game "Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker" with characters being assigned missions based on what Team they are placed on, which in turn corresponds with their personal strengths. Players are encouraged to create their own missions, and when not on-mission, are free to interact with others however they see fit (within the rules of Mother Base, of course).


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 photo LA.png

Last Arrival is a pan-fandom, original character friendly game set in a post-apocalyptic world where history has been mostly forgotten. Your character arrives from their world and to get home, they're going to have to help piece together what happened in this one. Be careful, however, once history is written it's not that easily undone.

The main story line of the game is already completed and will be comprised of chapters with clear starts and ends. Player characters are encouraged to get involved with the already written plot and to make sub-plots. As it is written, the game has threads and will play out as a sort of “choose your own adventure” depending on the player character's choices. The pace of the game's main story line is going to be slow to medium, depending on how threading and CR is going.

* Rules
* App & Mutation List
* Community Profile With Additional Links
* Sandbox Threads: Newer | From Our Last Round

Stop in and volunteer yourself for mayhem! One of SWL or NM's characters will come join you.

There is no shyness in The City. We're all in the same boat here and it's creaking dangerously.
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Genre: Celebrity BDSM RPS
Name: Citadel
Contact: the mods - [personal profile] jennandanica, [personal profile] fiercy and [profile] sally_simpson76
Main Comm: Citadel
Minimum Age Requirement: 18+
Deadline: None

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Attention, icon makers!

Dreamwidth has a huge RP community, and a lot of people use other characters as "actors" to play their original characters. With that in mind, [community profile] pb_library was created to as a place for people to post and/or search for icon bases to use for roleplay journals - including manga bases and icons of live-action actors and actresses - as well as tutorials on how to edit and colour icons.

Happy hunting!


Jul. 3rd, 2014 11:04 am
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London Calling RPG

London Calling is a brand new pan-fandom RPG set in modern day London. It's a place where characters from a variety of books, movies, television shows, and other various forms of media mingle with one another, alongside various player created original characters.

It is also a game that allows players to write and explore the characters they love however they want in a very open, and easy going environment. We believe that good writers deserve the space to really create, and we encourage our players to make their characters plots as vast and wide as their imaginations will allow. We want to see the places you create and problems your characters may develop without you constantly worrying about needing mod approval.

We open on July 16th!

Transfer App
OC App
Canon App

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[community profile] talesdressing is a brand new dressing room for the "Tales of" series. Like any dressing room, there are no applications and players can play in any theme or setting they'd like. Alternate variations of characters are accepted, such as genderswaps, ageswaps, AUs, as well as good ol' canon. PSLs and voice tests are also welcome. We're a big casual free-for-all looking to spread the Tales cheer!

IC Comm // OOC Comm // Mod Contact // Guidelines // Suggestions
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  chimeranetwork chimeravagary  chimeraooc

You arrive by going to sleep in your world, you return by going to sleep in this one. As long as you keep sleeping, you'll keep coming back to your very own little apartment in this city with whatever weird features you woke up with the first time.

It's really up to you what you do from there.

There's no voice or face, friendly or not, to tell you where you are or what you're doing here. There's no omnipotent being telling you to do as they say. There's not even a note or a cute animal to lead you.

The only people in the city are dreamers just like you going through the same thing, bound only by whatever moral fibre and ideals they brought in.

Welcome to the jungle


Set in a shared dream city and open to OCs, AUs and multiples, Chimera Vagary is an experimental panfandom sex game with dumb animal ears and a focus on player actions/player exploration for driving the plot.

Being geared for explicit sex, explicit violence and the like, Chimera Vagary is only open to players over the age of 18 years.

Test Drive Meme Open Now
Reserves are Open
Applications Open on the 20th of February
Game slated to open between March 8th and March 15th
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[ P R E M I S E ]

You wake up in a mysterious, subtly threatening location with no idea of where you are or how you got there. Where are you!? How did you get there!? Why have you suddenly been teleported into a completely new world, or a slightly altered version of your own world for no reason!? You stand up and look around, and your fears don't decrease - in fact, they increase whether you're physically capable of fear or not - because some weird shit is happening and you have no idea why and will probably never find out because the truth is no one else knows, either, not even the mods.

You pee your pants.

You are in a LiveJournal roleplay.

[ R U L E S ]

➊ CONDUCT You must wank, create OOC drama, and bitch about other people's RP to [community profile] fandomsecrets, [community profile] rp_secrets, or your RP clique friends all while claiming to want peace and harmony in the RP. You must only interact with your OOC clique. You must ignore all characters from small fandoms. If somebody is a terrible roleplayer, you must never tell them outright and instead drive them away from the RP by subtler, eviler means. Remember, IC = OOC! Take everything personally!

➋ GODMODING Only the mods are allowed to godmode, and will godmode whenever the hell they damn want "for the purposes of plot." Everyone else is free to claim that this is unfair, because it is, and free to complain about other people totally godmoding111!11!!!! when they are not. If someone other than a mod is godmoding, they will be swiftly kicked from the game because the mods are jealous mods and there shall be no other mods before them.

➌ CHARACTER LIMIT The character limit is FOUR. A maximum of TWO PER FANDOM. Cry about it. Alternatively, be active and show everyone that you can handle more than four and/or suck up to the mods. The latter has proven to be more effective.

➍ ACTIVITY Activity checks are supposedly every two weeks but will actually be sporadic and random, mainly geared toward keeping the mods' OOC friends in the game and possibly kicking the really bad roleplayers out. If you sign up to play just to squat on a character (please make a note of this in your application), you will be allowed to squat for a base of two weeks before we kick you out on your ass. This time limit can be extended by how many people complain and how much we like you OOC.

➎ PLOT & PLAYER PARTICIPATION Players are expected to participate in the ongoing plot, which means that the mods will throw out random events and/or curses and you guys will go "omgwtf!!" or "oh noes!!" or "yeay!!" depending on what random event and/or curse it is. Don't expect to actually have any effect on what goes on in the game besides within your characters' personal bubbles, because it won't happen.

➏ RATINGS & RELATIONSHIPS No one gives a shit. If you want to go RP your YoshixZaraki smut somewhere, go forth and do so, whether it makes sense or is biologically possible or not. Other players are free to publically stone you for this, but are not required to.

➐ JOURNAL NAMES Must all end in "-edingly." No exceptions.

➑ MOD CONTACT Need a mod? Fuck you.

[ M O D ]

God: [personal profile] moddedingly


Apps are closed at the moment, but you can reserve. We're looking to open apps this coming weekend, Jan 24th.
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You've come to Camp Evergreen, to enjoy the finest camping site in the country.

Upon your arrival, your friendly park ranger will welcome you warmly to the camp, as well as give you a standard briefing.

You've come prepared, with all your essential camping gear. Maybe you came along, ready to meet new people and have a relaxing weekend. Or maybe you're here with friends, to have an exciting week of hiking and swimming in the gorgeous lake.

Either way, there will be no leaving for you. Not any time soon.


Camp Evergreen is a panfandom IC Mafia game.
The ratios are currently 1:3 for Days, and 1:2 for Nights.
Applications will open on January 12th and the game will start on January 17th.


intro/faq | application | taken | pre-game planning | suggestions/concerns

ic: [community profile] thecamp | ooc: [community profile] outofcamp | mod: [personal profile] campranger
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Open a door. Any door, anywhere, leading anyplace. If you're most people, what's on the other side will be predictable, make sense. But if you're lucky, you may find yourself stepping into someplace else entirely.

All Inclusive is a prose-based, pan-fandom roleplaying game with a very fickle hotel at its nexus. Through a network of many and changing doors, characters find themselves able to hop easily between their home universe, the Nexus Hotel, and endless fictional universes — That is, if the hotel allows it. See the links below for more information on the game and how to apply.

Open a door. You're never quite sure what you'll get.

[community profile] all_inclusive - Prose | [community profile] guest_services - OOC | [community profile] hotel_stationery - IG Network


Player Guidelines
Cast List
Character Guidelines
Most Wanted
Application and Guide
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In the course of one night, the superhero community was changed.

Only a few short months ago, three of North America’s most loved and respected heroes vanished in a seemingly innocuous investigation of a sinkhole in the Mojave Desert. They went in alone, and they never came back. The hole filled itself in almost as quickly as it had appeared, and left only small traces of a crystalline mineral, of apparently alien origin. Though the mystery has yet to be solved, the nation has mourned, and now life must go on.

The remains of the Alpha Force team look to refill their very prestigious membership. CONDOR is on a hunt for answers. Paranoia rises in the hearts of other heroes - if the Alpha Force could fail, how can they expect to persevere? And all the while, TRIDENT lurks in the depths of the Pacific Ocean, but are they responsible? Or will they just know an opportunity to strike when they see it?

Capital H is a panfandom superhero RP for fandom characters and OCs


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Shingeki no Dressing


This is an open, casual roleplay community for those wanting to play characters from Shingeki no Kyojin, or Attack on Titan.

and on that day, humanity received a grim reminder

» IC


» Premise

» Rules/FAQ

we lived in fear of the titans

Welcome to Shingeki no Dressing!
A dressing room style roleplay community for anyone looking to find a casual setting for their Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan rp! No applications required, jump right in! 
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Because you know you wanted to spend your summer tripping on psychedelics and dodging man-eating beasts in the jungle.

"SITE B is a panfandom survival/adventure game with a heavy emphasis on psychological horror. You play a clone with curious memories of a past life stranded on a tropical island in the southern hemisphere. Characters will be mentally poked and prodded with inkblot tests, rigorous psychological evaluations, and the occasional dosage of experimental medicine. You have a choice: survive and save the planet, or fail and become another of Moc'awa Island's restless spirits."

We boast a thrilling variety of activities, including:
➥ One-on-one counseling sessions. You will need them.
➥ Myriad golden opportunities to dive into the deep dark pits of your character's psyche.
➥ Plots with conclusions that are entirely dependant upon our players.
➥ A huge world to explore with barely any restrictions.
➥ All the personality questionnaires you could ever want.

We currently have a tentative start date of July 16th. SITE B is slow-paced, with one day in-game happening every three days OOC. All events are split into three phases to complement the pace. To get started, peruse the links below or follow us on our plurk at [ profile] sitebebop.

Adventurer's Guide to the Jungle     Rules & FAQ     Reserves     Application
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I'd really like to see some people at [community profile] fringe_dr. It's a Fringe dressing room roleplaying community... It doesn't look like many people have been around lately, but I plan on making a few posts. Maybe some people could help bring it to life.

Side note: Looking for Fringe players in general. Leave me a comment!
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     [personal profile] neomedieval // [community profile] courtofmercia // [community profile] nm_ooc // [community profile] nmlines // [community profile] vox_mercia

» F.A.Q.
» Rules
» Taken
» Holds
» Apply

The year is 2013. The populace of Kavudd is a humanoid race. The Piersiens reigned through democratic rule and amassed great amounts of knowledge and art until they were driven to the four winds by the Gwiathans who changed the names of the gods and ruled through Emperors and might. Eventually, they were their own downfall and it seemed the downfall of civilization. The whole of Kavudd fell into a dark period where knowledge was lost. Ways of communication, literacy, civilization...these things disappeared for generations as war lords and feudal tyrants fought over the land and the people on it. Then came one unlike the others. A leader interested in conquest, but also knowledge and a care for the people carved a new kingom out of the chaos: Mercia. Mercia led to change; the birth of a renaissance and the creation of other kingdoms. Order of a sort fell upon the planet.

With order came a price. Not all kingdoms were created equally and knowledge is something precious, given to a rare few. Much of the old knowledge is thought to be lost, but the truth is that a secretive order holds it tight They eschew the old gods for a new Trinity, and much of the old knowledge is seen as heresy and unfit...unless they deem it otherwise or unless you have enough power and money to demand it of them. Most are happy. Be they Prince or peasant, they know their place.

Come... find yours.

  • Members of the Privy Council
  • The Duchess of Fauconberg
  • Lady Guleph, Queen Prysilla's sister
  • Ladies-in-waiting to Queen Prysilla, Princess Zilind, Princess K'thrynne, Princess Isabel and Abenya Mazi
  • Gentlemen Companions for The King, Crown Prince Jonathon and Princes Nathaniel and Kade
  • neomedieval: (Default)
    [personal profile] neomedieval

    With order comes a price and a place. Come...find yours
    [personal profile] neomedieval // [community profile] nmlines
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    T H E * C I T Y * O F * T A X O N

    [community profile] taxonomites is a panfandom RPG, accepting characters from all media, as well as OCs. We are a small community, friendly to back-tagging, and eagerly looking for both supernormal characters as well as good old regular bog-standard humans. Characters from all eras are welcome.

    p r e m i s e

    A long, long time from now, in a galaxy far far away when Earth itself is but a memory, the only thing that remains of a species called humanity is the archeological footprint they have left behind in the form of fiction. Using the stories that humans once produced, a highly advanced alien intelligence has been attempting to reconstruct a bit of Earth... but when your primary sources are episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The People's Court, and when you have no real way to tell the difference between those and War and Peace... your attempts can get a little... skewed.

    As far as characters in Taxon know, they have been abducted from their own worlds and lives and brought to a small and-in-some-ways idyllic prison city. However, life in Taxon is frequently dangerous, and surviving long enough to figure out why they're here and what is going on can be a challenge.

    Taxon has an overarching metaplot to pursue, as well as frequent hilarity as things Go Wrong in the city. It's a good game for crack humor, but also for drama (the good kind, hopefully) and serious plotlines.

    We're a great game for those oddball characters that don't fit particularly well anywhere else-- the background characters from obscure canons, the OCs you haven't found a community for, the character that you are certain you are the only person in all of fandom to have heard of (but you're not!). AU versions of characters are permitted, as well as duplicate versions of characters. Due to the nature of Taxon as an alien experiment, characters are not allowed to canon-puncture for other characters.

    Interested? Come check us out, read the FAQ, poke at the application. Then take a breath and jump on into Taxon.


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