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It's been a while since Dreamwidth first started, so I dug around for some of the communities that I thought people might not be aware of and would be nice if they had some more activity happening.

Dreamwidth-specific: [community profile] dreamwidth_meta, [site community profile] dw_feed_promo, [site community profile] dw_design, [community profile] create_my_comm, [community profile] dwrocks, [community profile] dwstones, [community profile] followfriday ...

Graphic stuff: [community profile] icontutorial, [community profile] graphic_tutorials ...

Culture and learning: [community profile] history, [community profile] science, [community profile] rocket_to_the_future, [community profile] mythology, [community profile] paranormal, [community profile] monstrous_regiment ...

Life stuff: [community profile] environment, [community profile] treehuggers, [community profile] permaculture, [community profile] green_living, [community profile] unclutter, [community profile] product_junkies, [community profile] typical, [community profile] recipebox, [community profile] usability ...

Language and translation: [community profile] nihongo, [community profile] lostintranslation, [community profile] language_learning, [community profile] signlanguage, [community profile] linguafranca, [community profile] languageclub ...

Fandom stuff: [community profile] kinkmemepromo, [community profile] kinkmemes, [community profile] raw_manga, [community profile] convention_watch, [community profile] ficrecs, [community profile] fandomcares, [community profile] anti_recs, [community profile] checkitout, [community profile] on_the_bubble, [community profile] fem_thoughts, [community profile] hooked_on_heroines, [community profile] shes_awesome ...

Fandom meta: [community profile] metanews, [community profile] fandomacademia, [community profile] fandom_meta, [community profile] fandom_opendiscussion, [community profile] notfic, [community profile] tldrzone ...

Sell/buy/trade and creative stuff: [community profile] merchant_alley, [community profile] fandomgaragesale, [community profile] bartering, [community profile] buythis, [community profile] independentauthors, [community profile] dryspell, [community profile] paids ...

Media stuff: [community profile] fantasy, [community profile] spaceopera, [community profile] age_of_sail, [community profile] steampunk, [community profile] romancereviews, [community profile] starfighters, [community profile] webcomics, [community profile] overlooked, [community profile] shortfilms, [community profile] littleknownbooks, [community profile] thoughtfulromantics, [community profile] dreams_library, [community profile] sound_design ...

Music: [community profile] earworm, [community profile] rec_me_music, [community profile] musicshare, [community profile] onesongaday ...

Gaming: [community profile] gaming, [community profile] gamedesign, [community profile] letsplay ...

Vent stuff: [community profile] customers_suck, [community profile] co_workers_suck, [community profile] work_sucks, [community profile] rants, [community profile] international_snark ...

Questions and trivia: [community profile] leftoverresearchquarterly, [community profile] factfinding, [community profile] thequestionclub ...

Misc.: [community profile] iapps, [community profile] kiva, [community profile] drawthecircle, [community profile] anonymous ...
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[community profile] accessportrayal is a community dedicated to helping improve the representation of disability in fiction. Specifically, it's for posting information about specific disabilities, aimed at people who don't share those disabilities but are writing about or considering writing about characters who do. The rules are in the profile. There is a completely optional template for entries to follow, but if all you want to do is leave a link or a couple of tips, that would be more than welcome. Anonymous contributions are also possible through the anonymous contributions post. There's not much there yet if you're interested in using it for research, but there will be. :)
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Created a community for support, research, links, discussion and everything else, for people who have any form of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome or hypermobility syndrome and their friends and family.

Please come join if you have EDS and/or HMS or are interested in learning about either!

[community profile] ehlersdanlos
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If your approach to cleaning is to Clean All the Things with the accompanying burnout and eventual disaster which makes you feel like you once again have to clean all the things, then [community profile] bitesizedcleaning is the place for you. Here, we are going to be exploring an approach to cleaning which is bite-sized. This is a non-judgmental community where I hope you will feel free to share your challenges and offer potential solutions when others share their challenges.

I will be offering tips on how to set up a system of cleaning that works for you as well as sharing what my approach looks like. Take what works for you and leave the rest. Ask questions. Ask for help. Be a cheerleader for others in the community. Participate in whatever way works for you. There are no hard fast rules for participation or for cleaning. This community is all about making it work for you.
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[community profile] atheist_fandom is for discussion of atheism and agnosticism in fandom and everything about atheist/agnostic characters.

[community profile] arthritis for people with a condition on the arthritis spectrum.

[community profile] thewestwing for fans of "The West Wing". We are currently planning a rewatch!

Hello All!

Aug. 20th, 2009 09:16 pm
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I've created a new community called [community profile] accessworld.

I want to start a site that reviews buildings, transportation, vacation spots, etc., for locals and travelers alike.

This community seeks detailed, firsthand submissions about the experiences of people with disabilities (as opposed to people like me, your friendly neighborhood mod, who hasn't had that experience and therefore won't be making any assumptions).

Any building, any city. Bakeries, shopping centers, auto shops, museums, car rentals, on and on. New ideas are always welcome! (Seriously, I need all the help I can get.)

This is going to be crossposted all over the place.


May. 15th, 2009 04:06 am
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[community profile] autism 
This community is for all people on the autistic spectrum (pdd-nos, asperger's...), and their allies (family, friends, teachers, etc.), to discuss issues of importance to the Autistic community from an Autistic perspective.
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[community profile] hard_of_hearing: A community for individuals of any age who are hard of hearing, as well as those who support them.

[community profile] connect: Connect and confide in others through this safe environment. Share artwork of any type, reflections on life, and anything else that may move you.
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I deal with fibromyalgia and I have long wanted to create a supplemental community different to the ones I've encountered. Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain disorder and not a ton is understood about it, even by medical professionals, so sometimes it's hard for the newly diagnosed or even people who've dealt with it for years to find tips for living a full, healthy life and for finding information on effective traditional treatments or complementary/alternative medicine. To that end, I've created [community profile] fibro_life, a community to talk about the ways in which we manage to live full and fulfilling lives despite the pain.

There's merit to having places to go that we can say "I hurt" and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that people "get it." But there's something to be said for setting that aside and focusing on what to do to overcome or at least live well despite the pain. Fibro is, by definition, hurting. But the question this community hopes to address is, "Yes, we hurt -- but now what?"

So if you have been diagnosed with fibro or a similar chronic pain or fatigue syndrome or know and love someone who has, please feel free to join in and share knowledge and ask questions!
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[community profile] fibro is for anyone affected by fibromyalgia - patients, family, friends, doctors, etc.


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