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Freedom of expression is increasingly under threat online and offline. Join [community profile] freedom_of_expression to engage in discussion of relevant news, viewpoints and personal experiences relating to free expression and the impediments it faces.
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Hey there, I just wanted to let people know about some communities that are moving from Imzy now it is shutting down.

[community profile] childfree

(was /childfree on Imzy)
If you have no plans to ever have children, and will do all you can to ensure you stay childfree then this is the community for you!

[community profile] beautiful_bats

(was /bats on Imzy)
Here you can learn more about bats, share your love of them and chat about anything bat-related!

[community profile] hammypurplemoon

(was /hamsters on Imzy)
Hamster owners and lovers welcome here to share care tips, ask advice, show off their cute fluffy pets and also we are here for you when you have to say goodbye to your little friend.

[community profile] redheads

(was /redhair on Imzy)
All redheads are welcome here - whether you were born with it or got it from a bottle - and so are people who appreciate red hair! Share and enjoy pics and stories by, of and about people with red hair! Red haired/ginger animals also welcome!
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[community profile] gas_station_tales is a new community for gas station employees to share stories and vent. (Convenience store stories are equally welcome, since the convenience store half of gas stationery is just as bad.)
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[community profile] journalsandplanners is a community dedicated to journals, planners, and the related supplies.

We welcome anything related. We welcome all forms and styles of journals and planners: paper, electronic, art, Internet-based, whatever you use.

Looking for inspiration? Wondering what to do with old journals or planners? Want to squee about new media you’re using or a journal style you love? Wondering about which products will work best for what you need? Whatever you think of, it’s all welcome.

Come check it out! [community profile] journalsandplanners
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Bujo promo banner

[community profile] bujo is a new community dedicated to all things related to bullet journals. Anyone who uses bullet journals, or is interested in using bullet journals, is welcome. It's a place for questions, advice, inspiration, and all-around general discussion. Please come and join us! :)
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[community profile] ao3collectioninitiative [community profile] ao3collectioninitiative [community profile] ao3collectioninitiative

[community profile] ao3collectioninitiative is a place for AO3 collection maintainers to announce and promote their themed, non-challenge collections. The idea is to make finding fic for specific tropes, characters, pairings, AUs, or anything else that much easier to find without having to search through pages of mis-tagged fic.

It's like individual fandom archives of yesteryear. Open posting is encouraged, but any collection that is not for an exchange, prompt meme, or other challenge or event may be posted here.
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Bitch Fit logo
Undiluted and Unfiltered Fandom News, Trends, and Discussions

[community profile] bitch_fit 

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It's been a while since Dreamwidth first started, so I dug around for some of the communities that I thought people might not be aware of and would be nice if they had some more activity happening.

Dreamwidth-specific: [community profile] dreamwidth_meta, [site community profile] dw_feed_promo, [site community profile] dw_design, [community profile] create_my_comm, [community profile] dwrocks, [community profile] dwstones, [community profile] followfriday ...

Graphic stuff: [community profile] icontutorial, [community profile] graphic_tutorials ...

Culture and learning: [community profile] history, [community profile] science, [community profile] rocket_to_the_future, [community profile] mythology, [community profile] paranormal, [community profile] monstrous_regiment ...

Life stuff: [community profile] environment, [community profile] treehuggers, [community profile] permaculture, [community profile] green_living, [community profile] unclutter, [community profile] product_junkies, [community profile] typical, [community profile] recipebox, [community profile] usability ...

Language and translation: [community profile] nihongo, [community profile] lostintranslation, [community profile] language_learning, [community profile] signlanguage, [community profile] linguafranca, [community profile] languageclub ...

Fandom stuff: [community profile] kinkmemepromo, [community profile] kinkmemes, [community profile] raw_manga, [community profile] convention_watch, [community profile] ficrecs, [community profile] fandomcares, [community profile] anti_recs, [community profile] checkitout, [community profile] on_the_bubble, [community profile] fem_thoughts, [community profile] hooked_on_heroines, [community profile] shes_awesome ...

Fandom meta: [community profile] metanews, [community profile] fandomacademia, [community profile] fandom_meta, [community profile] fandom_opendiscussion, [community profile] notfic, [community profile] tldrzone ...

Sell/buy/trade and creative stuff: [community profile] merchant_alley, [community profile] fandomgaragesale, [community profile] bartering, [community profile] buythis, [community profile] independentauthors, [community profile] dryspell, [community profile] paids ...

Media stuff: [community profile] fantasy, [community profile] spaceopera, [community profile] age_of_sail, [community profile] steampunk, [community profile] romancereviews, [community profile] starfighters, [community profile] webcomics, [community profile] overlooked, [community profile] shortfilms, [community profile] littleknownbooks, [community profile] thoughtfulromantics, [community profile] dreams_library, [community profile] sound_design ...

Music: [community profile] earworm, [community profile] rec_me_music, [community profile] musicshare, [community profile] onesongaday ...

Gaming: [community profile] gaming, [community profile] gamedesign, [community profile] letsplay ...

Vent stuff: [community profile] customers_suck, [community profile] co_workers_suck, [community profile] work_sucks, [community profile] rants, [community profile] international_snark ...

Questions and trivia: [community profile] leftoverresearchquarterly, [community profile] factfinding, [community profile] thequestionclub ...

Misc.: [community profile] iapps, [community profile] kiva, [community profile] drawthecircle, [community profile] anonymous ...
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The idea behind [community profile] nailfiles is something similar to a fannish storyfinders comm, but for people who enjoy nail polish, nail art, etc.

Looking for that perfect pastel yellow creme? Ask the comm. Want to get opinions on the best top coat for the money? Ask the comm. Looking for a cheaper dupe for that super-expensive Chanel polish? And so on.

[community profile] nailfiles is a by the people, for the people comm...which means that it needs people to work! Membership and posting are open.
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[community profile] ffa is your free-for-all community where anything goes! Consider it a forum where you can stop by and say whatever is on your mind. This is different than a friending meme, because you can mingle with other DW users (about anything) without feeling obligated to add each other as friends!

(It was inspired by plenty of large LiveJournal communities [the ones with thousands of members] who created their own "sub" off-topic communities for the members.)

[community profile] paranormal

Nov. 3rd, 2012 04:41 pm
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Since there's been an influx of people from LJ, figured I'd throw this out there.

[community profile] paranormal

It's a community centered on the paranormal, from ghosts to ufos to everything inbetween. I've been a bad mod and it's sat stagnant for two years while I haven't really been journaling, but I'd like to get the ball rolling with it again.

Also looking for co-mods to help me this time around, since I was too stubborn when I decided to open it. If you're interested, send me a PM.

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It seemed like a shame that DW had no Shakespeare community; thus, [community profile] thegreatglobe is available for your delectation. I've just posted open reaction posts for the two aired episodes of The Hollow Crown, but please please please feel free to talk about any Shakespeare or Shakespeare-derivative thing you so please!
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[community profile] addme; the first community on DW for finding friends! This community is not interest or fandom specific, anyone is welcome. Feel free to list as much or as little about yourself in your introduction!

[community profile] iam; claim who you are of DW (fictional characters only)!
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[community profile] memealert - A place to link to your love memes, anon memes, friending memes, and more like that. Here is a community to advertise them in when you want more people to participate in your meme. Subscribe to know when a new meme has popped up right away :D

[community profile] durarara - a fandom community for the anime, manga, and light novel series by Ryohgo Narita.
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Hello! I have recently created a new comm for people who are interested in bartering/trading homemade and handmade items with others. This is not a community for buying and selling, but for bartering/trading only.

[community profile] bartering

Community rules are available on the comm profile.

Please introduce yourself when you sign up and let people know what you're offering/looking for.

This is a very small comm right now, and will only be successful if lots of people join and get involved. So if you're interested in (legal!) gray-market type dealings, freecycling, bartering, trading, art, baking, and all those other sorts of things, please join us!
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Various communities like Trek, SPN, Sherlock, Misc

-[community profile] finish_my_fic Finish My Fic
-[community profile] tumblr_follow Tumblr Promo
-[community profile] stxihetkinkmeme Star Trek XI Het Kink Meme
-[community profile] startrekpromo Star Trek Promos
-[community profile] startrekbetas Star Trek Betas
-[community profile] kinkmemepromo Kink Meme Promos
-[community profile] ao3_invitecodes Free Ao3 invite codes
-[community profile] 4theloveofkink Kink Meme Listings and Database
-[community profile] ninja_assassin_raizo Ninja Assassin Movie
-[community profile] interracial_fic Interracial Couples Fic
-[community profile] valkyrie_profile Valkyrie Profile
-[community profile] thyla4shippers Kirk/Spock 4 Multi-Shippers (Multi-Shipper Friendly)
-[community profile] wing_fic_dw Wing Fic
-[community profile] spockmccoy_kink Spock/McCoy Kink Meme
-[community profile] smvalentine Spock/McCoy Valentine
-[community profile] smadvent Spock/McCoy Advent
-[community profile] tvd_add_me Vampire Diaries Add Me
-[community profile] startrek_add_me Star Trek Add Me
-[community profile] spn_add_me Supernatural Add Me
-[community profile] sherlock_add_me Sherlock Add Me
-[community profile] neroayelslash Nero/Ayel Slash
-[community profile] spockuhura_fic_request Spock/Uhura Fic Request
-[community profile] twelve_kingdoms Twelve Kingdoms
-[community profile] musou_promo Musou Promo (Koei games related promos)
-[community profile] musou_warriors Musou Warriors (Koei games fan comm)
-[community profile] vampirepromo Vampire Promo
-[community profile] heroespromo Heroes Promo
-[community profile] heroes_add_me Heroes Add Me
-[community profile] spn_add_me Supernatural Add Me
-[community profile] kirkspock_au_fic_list Kirk/Spock AU Fic List
-[community profile] startrek_vampire_au Star Trek Vampire AU Fic
-[community profile] virgos_on_dreamwidth Virgos
-[community profile] addme_fandom Addme Fandom
-[community profile] animeaddme Anime Addme
-[community profile] fanficaddme Fanfic Addme
-[community profile] trek_kink Star Trek XI Kink Meme
-[community profile] highlander Highlander Fic
-[community profile] heroes_slash Heroes Slash
-[community profile] spockmccoy Spock/McCoy
-[community profile] kirk_spock Kirk-Spock / -[community profile] kirkspock kirkspock
-[community profile] spock_uhura Spock/Uhura / -[community profile] uhura_spock uhura-spock
-[site community profile] dw_community_promo DW Community Promo
-[site community profile] dw_codesharing Free DW invite codes
-[community profile] trek_het Trek Het
-[community profile] sarek_amanda Sarek/Amanda
-[community profile] kirk_mccoy Kirk/McCoy / -[community profile] jim_and_bones Jim and Bones
-[community profile] fandomcalendar Fandom Calendar
-[community profile] deancastiel Dean/Castiel
-[community profile] followfriday Follow Friday
-[community profile] marvel_slash Marvel Slash
-[community profile] iapps iapps (ipod/ipad/iphone apps)
-[community profile] memewidth Meme Listings & Promos
-[community profile] dreamwidthlayouts DW Layouts
-[community profile] bjd BJD (ball jointed dolls)
-[community profile] fanfic_ebooks Fanfic Ebooks (anything about fic on your ereader)
-[community profile] lj_refugees LJ Refugees
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It's been a while...

[community profile] gimp_gate -- This is a community for The GIMP & Inkscape users of all levels and experience. It's a place where people can discuss techniques, tips and tricks and it's also intended to serve as a gateway to relevant websites, including tutorials, discussion forums and the like. Membership is open and anybody can post.

[community profile] iconfinder -- A community for everyone who is looking for specific icons and would like some pointers on where to look for them. Icon makers, it's also a good place to get ideas and inspiration for your next icon batch. Membership is open and anybody can post.

[community profile] la_tex -- Here you can discuss LaTeX with other like-minded people; LaTeX is a high-quality typesetting system frequently used for scientific and mathematical writing. Membership is open and anybody can post.

[community profile] re_activities -- This is a community for all your (re)decorating and renovating needs. Membership is open and all members can post.
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[community profile] tea_musings
Finally decided to do something with this comm, so come talk about tea! How you like it, if you've always liked it, which blends you like and which you don't, tea in restaurants, etc etc. ♥

[community profile] musicshare
Music affects all of us, whether we actively listen to it or not. The community does what it says on the tin, with one condition: write something, anything. Whether it's a sentence, a paragraph, or a diary entry. It doesn't even have to be positive! You decided to upload it, we just want to know why we should listen to it.
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[community profile] h50land[community profile] h50land[community profile] h50land
FAQ | Sign Up | Questions?

What is Hawaii Five-0 Land?
H50 Land is a challenge based community inspired by the greats like jjverse and whedonland. You play on one of three teams: Team H50, Team HPD, & Team SEALs. Once you apply and have been placed on a team you take part in challenges, could be anything from graphics, writing, games, to just plain luck there are lots of options! As the game goes on every team will gather points and at the end of a round the team with the most points will win glory, honor and a nifty banner. Then all the points will be gone and we start again :) The current round-info will be in the sidebar.
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[community profile] memealert [community profile] memealert [community profile] memealert

A place to link to your love memes, anon memes, friending memes, and more like that. Here is a community to advertise them in when you want more people to participate in your meme. Subscribe to know when a new meme has popped up right away :D


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