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Freedom of expression is increasingly under threat online and offline. Join [community profile] freedom_of_expression to engage in discussion of relevant news, viewpoints and personal experiences relating to free expression and the impediments it faces.
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[community profile] free_speech: This community is to discuss free speech, free speech news, and free speech politics worldwide.
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A place you can ask others to write or draw something about these boys for you.  Anything is allowed as long as you follow the rules.  NO MEMBERSHIP NEEDED!  All the requests and other posts are expected to be anonymous.  All we want is for you to have fun ! 
Just click on the picture above and you're there! 

NB! I'm sorry! I accidentally put the politics into the tags. Why aren't I allowed to delete it? Why?! It doesn't make sense! 
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[community profile] the_school_of_philosophy Featuring quotes, essays, posts, macros, pictures, film discussions, any and all the things that deal with and produce philosophy that isn't from dead white males.

[community profile] atheismandrace Been quiet for a while but I am reviving it. Currently reviewing AC Grayling's the Good Book, chapter by chapter.

typo fixed, thanks [personal profile] boundbooks!
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Interested in news from around the world? Try [community profile] politics!

If you like women being badass in rock and roll? Try [community profile] rocknroll_n_blues_queens!

See you there!
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[community profile] forthebetter: a place to talk about ideas to change our communities for the better. Bicycle cooperatives? Second Harvest-type organizations? Gluten-free baking businesses? Tell us what your ideas are and how you plan to implement them.

(No members yet. Just me and my lonesome!)
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[community profile] green_living is for those interested in a greener and more natural lifestyle, or simple lifestyle, whether for health, political, or financial reasons.

Similar communities (I have no affiliation with these, but think that they could use some activity as well!):

[community profile] environment - Environmental News and Discussion

[community profile] permaculture - Food From Sustainable Landscapes

[community profile] gettingtoenough - Radical Simplicity

[community profile] homeeconomics101 - Home Economics 101

[community profile] eco_parent - Green Parenting

(Also, there's no tags for "nature" or "environment" yet, if those could be added that would be awesome!)
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Seen a really stupid international travel plan?
Is someone exoticising faraway nations and people?
Does someone simply not get the existence of other countries?
Is there inter-state stupidity going on?

[community profile] international_snark wants to know!


Jul. 8th, 2009 10:24 am
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[community profile] ibarw is for International Blog Against Racism Week, which is happening soon.


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