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It's been a while since Dreamwidth first started, so I dug around for some of the communities that I thought people might not be aware of and would be nice if they had some more activity happening.

Dreamwidth-specific: [community profile] dreamwidth_meta, [site community profile] dw_feed_promo, [site community profile] dw_design, [community profile] create_my_comm, [community profile] dwrocks, [community profile] dwstones, [community profile] followfriday ...

Graphic stuff: [community profile] icontutorial, [community profile] graphic_tutorials ...

Culture and learning: [community profile] history, [community profile] science, [community profile] rocket_to_the_future, [community profile] mythology, [community profile] paranormal, [community profile] monstrous_regiment ...

Life stuff: [community profile] environment, [community profile] treehuggers, [community profile] permaculture, [community profile] green_living, [community profile] unclutter, [community profile] product_junkies, [community profile] typical, [community profile] recipebox, [community profile] usability ...

Language and translation: [community profile] nihongo, [community profile] lostintranslation, [community profile] language_learning, [community profile] signlanguage, [community profile] linguafranca, [community profile] languageclub ...

Fandom stuff: [community profile] kinkmemepromo, [community profile] kinkmemes, [community profile] raw_manga, [community profile] convention_watch, [community profile] ficrecs, [community profile] fandomcares, [community profile] anti_recs, [community profile] checkitout, [community profile] on_the_bubble, [community profile] fem_thoughts, [community profile] hooked_on_heroines, [community profile] shes_awesome ...

Fandom meta: [community profile] metanews, [community profile] fandomacademia, [community profile] fandom_meta, [community profile] fandom_opendiscussion, [community profile] notfic, [community profile] tldrzone ...

Sell/buy/trade and creative stuff: [community profile] merchant_alley, [community profile] fandomgaragesale, [community profile] bartering, [community profile] buythis, [community profile] independentauthors, [community profile] dryspell, [community profile] paids ...

Media stuff: [community profile] fantasy, [community profile] spaceopera, [community profile] age_of_sail, [community profile] steampunk, [community profile] romancereviews, [community profile] starfighters, [community profile] webcomics, [community profile] overlooked, [community profile] shortfilms, [community profile] littleknownbooks, [community profile] thoughtfulromantics, [community profile] dreams_library, [community profile] sound_design ...

Music: [community profile] earworm, [community profile] rec_me_music, [community profile] musicshare, [community profile] onesongaday ...

Gaming: [community profile] gaming, [community profile] gamedesign, [community profile] letsplay ...

Vent stuff: [community profile] customers_suck, [community profile] co_workers_suck, [community profile] work_sucks, [community profile] rants, [community profile] international_snark ...

Questions and trivia: [community profile] leftoverresearchquarterly, [community profile] factfinding, [community profile] thequestionclub ...

Misc.: [community profile] iapps, [community profile] kiva, [community profile] drawthecircle, [community profile] anonymous ...
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[community profile] sound_design is a comm for sound designers, sound engineers, sound editors and sound artists whether professional, amateur or students to talk about sound. Whether that takes the form of film, television, animations, theatre or art installation. See a film with utterly awesome (or utterly appalling) sound? Learn a trick you just want to enthuse endlessly about or have a problem you could do with some suggestions to fix? This is the place for it.

(I really didn't know what to tag this, maybe technology?)


Sep. 2nd, 2011 12:56 pm
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It is a small, quite community, but if you ever run into the occasional graph you must share, or you like seeing interesting things about graphs come up now and again, [community profile] graphs is for you.
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[community profile] sps, or Slushpile Sleuths, was created for ebook reviews after discussion at the Mobileread forums. (They also wanted a short URL so it was easy to remember & share around away from DW, hence the abbreviation.) It's intended to focus on indie and self-published ebooks, rather than the mainstream ones that get plenty of reviews for the print versions that (mostly) work for the ebook versions.

I expect a lot of reviews about Smashwords books, but Lulu and Feedbooks are also welcome, along with reviews for author releases at their own sites.

Indie ebook quality is hit and miss, and they're scattered on so many different sites that there's no nice simple software to show which ones are read and liked most. This needs people. I had grand thoughts of a template and tagging system and teams of readers coordinating their efforts... apparently, it's not gonna happen like that. At least not right away. I'm perfectly happy with "just throw your commentary about specific ebooks here," and we'll sort out reviewing options later.

So come join [community profile] sps, and either review the ebooks you've read, even if it's just a link and "I liked this! Hot!" or "Don't waste your time; the typo-monster ate this one," or read what other people have to say and maybe find some gems you would've overlooked.

You can also join [community profile] ebooks for ebook sources, ereader advice, and conversion tips. Or just grumbling about how your favorite childhood books aren't available as ebooks yet.
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Hip hip! Here's a second call for membership to a project of awesome! (first call was yelled in [community profile] lj_refugees... holla frienditos!)

So yes, this awesome project! What is it? It's [community profile] sauce. That's right, sauce. But not just any sauce. It's Awesome Sauce, a community for all things that rock our world. This can be anything from finding the likeness of Jesus in your plate of spaghetti, trending memes, pretty flowers, funny marquees, spectacular graffiti, the bizarre and slightly disturbing (but still strangely awesome for its own sake), crazy fashion, awesome art... seriously? The list doesn't end. Put it simply:

If it rocks your world DOUBLE COMPLETELY, frickin' post it. We crave awesome just as much as you crave to share it. That's what we want. That's what we're here for.

Sound good? Likey like? Want to help us build the best collection of awesome and win that Dreamwidth has to offer? Then hit up [community profile] sauce and start sharing that win!
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Most of these are pretty self-explanatory, I think, so I won't add much commentary:

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I thought we could use a community where we can discuss everything related to LaTeX :) [community profile] la_tex is open for everyone (I know, not the most imaginative name, plus latex and tex are already taken...)
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I just started a community called [community profile] rocket_to_the_future . It's a place to talk about the future, discuss human possibility (including transhumanism), share news and information about space exploration (human and robotic), indulge in love for retrofuturism, talk about the stories we love, write scientist RPF, post rocket science icons, and more. We love science fiction and science fact.
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Since it appears I am going to be doing more Drupal work whether I like it or not, and there is currently no Drupal community (that I can find, anyway) on Dreamwidth, I made one:

[community profile] drupal

This community is for all levels of Drupal users, designers, and developers to ask questions and share knowledge. Drupal is a highly customizable open-source content management system for building websites. If you use Drupal or are interested in learning more about it, please come join!

This post brought to you by my struggles today with the Bibliography module.


Mar. 25th, 2010 09:51 am
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Brand new today, for users of iPhones, iPod Touch and the upcoming iPad, [community profile] iapps, for discussion of the apps we use, the apps we don't, and the apps we'd like to see. Is your index finger tired? Come and join us.
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[community profile] reptiles for those of us, who like me, have a friend that doesn't have fur, but scales :)

[community profile] followfriday for the meme of the same name.

[community profile] homeeconomics101, a household-stuff community, which is rather active

[community profile] icon_style, monthly icon challenges!

[community profile] python, for those coding in Python.

[community profile] science, for scientists, interested laypeople and everything in between.
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[community profile] knitting: what it says on the label. Show us your projects (in progress or completed), talk about technique, organise knit-alongs, and so on.

[community profile] sfbayarea, a regional community for those in the San Francisco Bay Area. A good place to ask for local advice, talk about local events, arrange meetups, and so on.

[community profile] baaaaabylaptops, for enthusiasts of netbooks, tablet PCs, and other small computing devices.

[community profile] style_salon, for discussions of individual style. Not fashion, style. Everyone has one, and they're all different, and that's awesome. Let's talk about how we present ourselves, how we make ourselves look and feel fabulous, and how we adapt our style to different circumstances.
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I searched for a community for people like me who have reptiles as pets and came up empty. So of course I needed to change that situation:

[community profile] reptiles, for questions, discussions, and pictures. I would also really like for some one to co-mod this, since I am kind of accumulating communities :)


And now, my old communities:

[community profile] python, for, no, not the snake, but the Best Programming Language Ever.

[community profile] science for fellow scientists, wannabe-scientists and interested laypeople.

[community profile] icon_style an icon prompt a month based on a style.

[community profile] dailyprompt a writing/art prompt a day
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[community profile] poetry -- posting poetry that isn't your own for the enjoyment of others
[community profile] bechdel_test -- movie reviews/reports based on the Bechdel Test
[community profile] memewidth -- people interested in using or developing data mashups for Dreamwidth
[community profile] command_liners -- for people who like the sweet, sweet powers of the command line

Communities that aren't mine but that I think people might like:

* Today while browsing, I stumbled across [community profile] languageclub, which I think is a cute idea people might enjoy.
* I also found [community profile] wtf_nature and kind of want other people to join it with me.
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It's been a while since I last mentioned these here - maybe even before open beta. Definitely more than 30 days ago.

[community profile] science : posts about anything related to science from anyone related to science in any way

[community profile] python : for anyone using or wanting to use the Best Scripting Language Ever (and yes, i need to start posting there)

[community profile] firefly_bigbang : a challenge for Firefly fanfiction writers/artists. Sign-ups still open and in desperate need for beta-readers. (mods, I don't know whether fic challenges are allowed, so if it's not, just tell me and I will delete that part)
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I've made [community profile] command_liners for sharing and discussion using the command line to accomplish things. It's rather Unix/Mac OS X bash biased, because that's what I work with, but I've heard whisperings about a decent new command line for later versions of Windows, so if that's your style, you are also free to share.
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[community profile] digitalart - Discussion and critique of digitally-created arts and more. Post your own creations, ask for help, show off your tutorials, or just sit back and see what everyone else is up to.

[community profile] pixelpushers - Support and discussion for people who push pixels (digital visual artists). Anything that would be of interest to the amateur or professional digital artist is welcome (techniques, software, strategy, marketing, freelancing, etc.).
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[community profile] photoshop is a community for all things Photoshop related!

Come join, introduce yourself, and start up a conversation, share some resources, or show some work!


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