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dw_community_promo: (by tajasel)

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Created on 2009-04-12 01:50:38 (#40146), last updated 2019-04-18 (4 days ago)

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Name:Dreamwidth Community Promotion
Posting Access:Anybody
Community description:You have a new community and you want new members or are recruiting for an older community...
Please read this page when you join and especially before you post! 'I didn't know.' will not save your post from being deleted.

This is all about promoting your community. If it is personal journal in the form of a community showcasing that one person's work (icon communities, single author posting communitues) then this is not the place for you. Please use [community profile] promoting instead. This is for groups of people brought together talking about common interests.

Open beta additonal info
Open Posting:
As part of that process this community is open to posting by anyone with an account. You don't need to belong to the community (right now) to post about your bright shiny new gathering place. The community is also currently set that posts aren't held in a moderation queue. I hope to keep it this way indefinitely but we'll see how it goes as the greater Dreamwidth community grows.

Finding a Community:
There are two ways to find a community right now. The first is via the wiki which is broken out into broad subjects. The second is via tags list.

Kick back, get comfy and enjoy Dreamwidth,


Why dw_community_promo?
You have a new community and you want new members or are recruiting for an older community - you can post about it here. You want to find out about new communities as they are created.

Finding a community:
Trying to find a community? Use Directory Search for Communities as your first stop for existing ones and get a subscription to this community to find new ones as they are created.

How to promote your community:
Make a new post and at the very least give your community's URL (<user name="communityname">) and give us a brief summary of what your community is all about. If you make a mistake, please edit your entry and correct

Add tags that match the content. If the right one doesn't exist yet, add the '~needs_tags' tag.

Images should not be larger than 500 x 300 pixels. If is larger than that put it behind a cut.

Adult or mature content must be behind a cut and have a warning to users regarding the content be included in the uncut text.

How often you can promote:
New communities (less than 90 days old): You can post once every seven days (a week) for your community for the first month.

Existing communities (more than 90 days old): You can post once every thirty days (once a month).

If you have multiple communities to promote:
Please combine them into one post.

If you have a question:
Message via the inbox the maintainer ([personal profile] misskat). Don't leave a comment in her personal journals - they will be deleted and not responded to. If a post of yours has been deleted and you have questions, please send email and we'll get back to you.

Why did my post get deleted:

Disallowed content: newsgroups, personal journals, icon journals, feeds, auctions sites, spam sites, communities from other blogging sites.

Feeds get promoted at [site community profile] dw_feed_promo

Multiple posts about the same community within one week. Please wait a week before reposting.

Any post that has multiple/duplicate/large images, large/obnoxious/blinking text, repetitive links.

Your post did not promote a Dreamwidth community.

Why am I banned:

You had multiple posts deleted and don't appear to be learning the rules.

You spammed other people's entries with comments about your community instead of making your own post.

You violated Dreamwidth's TOS.

*Comment spammers will be banned immediately. No exceptions.
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Open Subscribers (1837):

03, 0pol0, 0vary,, 14, 22degreehalo, 3cb, 7iris, a_phasia, aardvarking_mad, aberglaube, absque_setentia, abydosorphan, academician, access_fandom_mods, acediance, acidrica, acoustics1220, acrimonyastraea, adabsolutely, adelheid, adevyish, adrenalynn, adrianneb78239, adustyspectacle, adventurer, aerianya,, aery, afistfulofsky, afranomenal, afropuffchan, afuna, agraciado, ahbuggrit, ailurea, ailuro, ainbthech, aingeal8c, ainokallas, airah4, airgap, ak65, aka, akatonbo, akiko, akk, akte, alatefeline, alcarusso, alchemistdoctor, alchemy, alectoperdita, alexia_drake, alexseanchai, alextiefling, aliera, alitalf, allen, allheadybooks, allthelivesofme,, almost, alshder,, altarwise, althara, amadamia, amadi, amanda_in_pajamas, amaresu, amathela, amber_rose, ambulant, ame, amethyst_lilac, amie, amihan, amokk, ampersandand, amphigorym_2011, amyvanhym, anacrusis, anaraine, anarchicq, anberlin, ancalagon, ancarett, ancientsavvy, androgyne, ane, anenko, angel_negra, angelbabe_cj, angelmisha, angelofthenorth, angharad_gov, angrykeyboarder, anke, ann_tara, anodyna, anonmod, anotherdream, ansostuff, anxious_heart, aoibhe, apatheia_jane, april_showers, ar, arabella,, arami, arbonne, arcangelus, arduinna, arethinn, argylepiratewd, ariandara, ariane,, arisbe, artanis, artemis1000, artisan447, aryas_zehral, aryme, ascerain, ascotlanding, asenathwaite,, ashenmote, ashley, ashpi_politstudies, asinter, askmehow, astolat, astrodive, atelierlune, athousandsmiles, attolia, audrienne, auguris, auntie_m, auroraprimavera, autoclave, autumndays, avast, avidreader, ayumi_k, azimech, azraelsparrow, azurehart, azurite, b_hallward, babydoll, badfalcon, badziy, bahamagirldreamer, bake, banazir, bandkanon, baschronsenburg, battaglia, batwrangler, be_themoon, beafuddle, beandelphiki, bec, beccaelizabeth, beckyo, beedekka, berlinghoff79, beth_soprano, betterdazed, betulabark, beyondtherubicon, binary_sunset, bipagan, birdypaw, birguslatro, black_hound, blackbird_song, blackboots, bleu4bleu, blondebeaker, blossomdreams, blualbino, blue_cage, blue_rampion, bluehour, blush,, boinorge, boji, bond_girl, bookblather, bookchan, booksandgalaxies, bracesandbowties, brainwane, bram_diabolus, bravenew_world, brewsternorth, briar_roses, bridgetmkennitt, brightandravenous, brightblueink, brigid, bring_night, bronzechimera, brushapocalypse, builtofsorrow, bulma, butterfly, butterflydreamer, bysshe, cabrown_brown, cactus_rs, caffeinified,, caiusmajor, cake_o_gram, calime, calliopes_pen, callisto, callum, calystarose, camy, candyhippie, candyland, capesandcowls, captain_slinky, caramarie, caramelchameleon, carelessmemory,, carenejeans, carnivorousgiraffe, carodee,, carolina, carriemac, carrienile,, cassie, catchmyfancy, catecumen,, cathstar, catness, catsbooksteacoffee, catta_cumba, catty_the_spy, causette, caviar_and_meths, ce_jour_la, cecilegrey, cedara, ceebee, celestinenox, cen_sceal, centuryplant, cepha, ceria, cesare, cesperanza, ceteramisto, ceu, cfray,, chacusha, chagrined, chaila, change_pace, changeling, chaobell, chaosuhelp1, chaplainchapbook, chaymberlaine, che, chibichan, chickadilly,, chickwithstick,, childe_strife, chipb0i, christina, chronikle,, cigarette, cinnerman, cirohiqea, citrinesunset, citymusings, cj7lov, clockworkgiraffe, cloudsinvenice, cloverashi, codyne, coffeebased, coffeeontherocks, coldneedles, colorcoded, commie_gardener, conuly, cookiegirl, coprime, cordelianne, cordialcount, corvidology, cos, cosima_niehaus, cottoncandymods, coyoteclaw11, cpolk, cranberry, crazed_delusion, creayana, credoimprobus, crivelli, cryfreedom, crystal_sakurai, ct, cupidsbow, curiousartemis, cyan, cyanne, cyber_moggy, cyberduckey, cydling, dagas_isa, dahliablue, daily_rant, dally, dame, dame_grise, dampscribbler, dana, danae, dance_of_fire, dancesontrains, dancing_serpent, danipuff, danly, danseurdenature, dantean, dantesspirit, darjeeling, dark, dark_mark, darkwolfe_moonchaser_59, darnedsocks, data_warrior, davidcook, dc, dcgelfling, deadking, dearestdread, deborah_judge, deborahrgoldman, decepticats, dechant, deegroovyfanfic, defiag, deird1, dejla, delacourtings, delight, delilah_den, delusive_oneira, delwyn_cole, demon_jess, denisia, descartes, dewline, dhampyresa, dictionarywrites, dieneces, dilidididitgirl, dimthelumos, dinnerateight, dirty_diana, disjointedreally, ditreble, dmarley, dmk, dokugan, domtheknight, donna_dekaren_fic, donor, dont_panic42, donutsweeper, doranwen, dorkpie, dorothy1901, draco_somnians, dracodraconis, dragon, dragonsally, dragonscrawl, drake57, draxil, dray, drcalvin, dream, dreamcypher, dreamingly, dreams_in_color, dreamstown, dreamwidth_chronicle_bot, dreamwidth_reader, dreamwriteremmy, drunk_scraplet, dsgood, duck, dulcet, duowolf, duskpeterson, dustandroses, dustyasymptotes, dydan, dz_crasher, dzurlady, e_eleniel, earningwise, easternskies, eccles, echan, eddie_the_padre, eerian_sadow, eevilalice, effingunicorns, effulgent, effys, eggcrack, eggsbenedict, egils, egret, ehab_it, eila, eir, eisen, ejia_arath03, ekmisao, el1ie,, el_staplador, eldritch_panda, electricvamp, electrumqueen, elegantaesthete, elf, elfflame, elfy, elij_0650, elisem, elistaire, elizaria, elke_tanzer, elkes_obsession, ella_rose88, ellensmithee, ellia, elmey, elrhiarhodan, elshadye, emilienicole, emma_moon, emmatheslayer, emnem, emony2, empress_donna, empresskie, emptyego, emptymanuscript, empyre, enalon, endeni, ender24, engnrd_disaster, enigel, ennika,, epilady, epporsimuove, erda, erik, erika, erinptah, erisreg, eruthros, esmenet, esther_asphodel, estirose, etrangerici, eunice, euraylie, eurohackie, eva, evaine, everchangingmuse, everysecondtuesday, evil_giraffe, evil_plotbunny, evilshelly, eviltammy, ex_ame410, ex_aroceu318, existence, exodyke, extrinsical, f1rabbit, fabaulti, fabricdragon, facethestrange, faesdeynia, faevii, fahrbotdrusilla, fairwells, faithless_cypress, falena, fallia, fallout,, fandom_dw_is_fannish, fandomanonmod, fanfictionlady, fania, fated, fay_e, fearless, feast_of_regrets, fee_bleue, feedontragedy, feicui, feline_scribe, feuervogel, feurioo, fflo, ficnet, fikgirl, fileg, fings, fioletv, fioredelmale, fire_and_icicle, fireandwings, firecat, firefly99, firewhispers, firiel, firiel44, fishpoet, fizzgig, flamebyrd, flareonfury, fleeting, flirtyfroggy, floit63, florianschild, flowerofsin,, flowerqueer, flowerstar, fluffyllama, fluterbev, flutterbye_2004,, forensics, forodwaith, fossarian, foxfirefey, freezepop, frijo, frog, frogmajick, from, fromastudio, froodle, fuchs, fujicori, fullupwithfire, fullygoldy,, fur63, gaelis, gallifreygal, galligaskin,, gardenofstardust, gardenpath, garfeild, gatsbyfan, gblvr, geckoholic,, gehayi, gem, gemais, gemspegasus, generationx, gerisullivan, ghanimasun, ghastlyoneeyedminno, ghostflora, ghosthack, ghostrunner, ghostwire, gigglingkat, gigirl942,, glass, glitterbats, glitterforests, gloss, glymr, gnatkip,, going_history, golfwang, goo, goodgriefcharlie,, grackle, grammarwoman, graveexcitement, graychalk, green, greenet,, greenwitch, grlnamedlucifer, groovekittie, growlery,, guminudli, gypsy_sally, halfblood, halfeatenmoon, hambel, hamimi_fk, handstrue, hanhan5545, harpers_child, haruka, hasi, hasna, hatman, haunted, havocthecat, healingmirth, heathershaped, heidi, heinel, hekaterine, hell_o, hellkitty, heravuo, here_in_spain, hermitty, herovillain, hestia8, hesychasm, heyuwiththeface, hickumu, highlander_ii, hillarygayle, hinata, hippie_chick, historium_mod, hithar, hiverious, hmm,, holde_maid, hollywoodgrrl, honeybearbee, hooloovoo, hopefulnebula, hopeless_hunter, houtarouh, hrafn, htbthomas,, humantales, hyarrowen, hylian_shadow, hylidae, hyperbole, hyperfocused, iadorespike, iamfate, iamza, ianira, ianthine, iceshade, icicle33, iconoplast, ideallyqualia, ideare, idiosyncratic, idlelover, ilenin, imod, inbarati, incognitajones, indi, ineffabilitea, ineffable, ineffit, inevitableentresol, inezgard, inkedcoffee, inkstone, inky_magpie, inkylibertine, innerslytherin, innrspace, insilhouette, insomniac, inspiral_rose, instantramen, insuperable, inversecalico, invisionary, iona, ionicaq, iormungand, ip, irenieme, iron_valkyrie, ironymaiden, irrational, isabelquinn, isitandwonder, istia, itsaveelathing, iulia_linnea, ixquic, j_crew_guy, jaciem, jadelennox, jademouse, jain, jamethiel, jana, jasper, jasper_hale, jassanja, java, jaybee65,, jbanana, jdotmi, jean_c_pepper, jebbypal, jedimasterstar, jedimuse, jekesta, jenbooks, jendangula, jenett, jenna_marianne, jennandanica, jennaria, jenneh2779, jennem, jerakeen, jest, jesuistitania, jet, jetamors, jetsam, jeurhanomae, jeweledeyes, jhava, jjpor, jmtorres, jo, joeyteel, johnnymonster, joking, jollityfarm, journeys_end, jportela, juliet316, jupeboxhero, juri_anne, justjenny, justlook3, justmoregay, justsay_goodbye, justtothesea, kabal42, kaeda, kaesa, kaffyr, kaiaka, kaimousy, kaito, kaiz, kajivar,, kalasyra, kalldoro, kalloway,, kanzenhanzai, kari_izumi,, katajainen, katara, katarik, katekat, katemonkey, katfusion, kathkin, kathmandu, kathrynabbott, katyastarling, katze, kavik, kay_alpha, kayeita, kayim, kayloulee, kazari, keiji_miashin, kelachrome, kelene, kereia, kerri, ketall, khaiell, kiki_eng, kikyo, killdoll, killedbydeath, kilted, kira_iras, kirasha, kirylyn,, kit_r_writing, kitcatwoman, kitrinlu, kitsunetsuki, kittenbiscuits, kitteninfinland, kitters, kitty_poker, kitty_trio, kjata, kn0tme, kohl, konsectatrix, kontiki, kore, kostucha, kowe, kradammod, krait, kriski, kristalyn, kristiinthedark, ks8170, kshandra, ktnb, kultiras, kunenk, kuri, kutsuwamushi, kyabetsu, kyra, kyralise, lacerta, lady_arachnia, lady_myfanwy, ladybrooke, ladyofspike, ladypaynesgrey, ladyrelaynie, ladyrhyanne, ladysaturnyne, ladyseishou, ladyvyola, lafemmedarla, landshark, lannamichaels, lanterne_rouee, larissa, larmay, lascruces, lassarina, lastdance, laughingman, laughingrat, laurapalmer, lauredhel, lavendergaia, lavendertook, lazyspoons, ldybastet, le_deluge, lea_hazel, leaksbycandlelight, leanwellback, leek, leia_solo, leilacaseira, leish, lemomina, lenija, leonhart, leprosy, leseul, lettered, leviatha, liadtbunny, lian, libraralien, lielac, lieu, lightbird, ligie, likgiltig, lilacsigil, liliaeth, lilimist, lindra, lindseyblythe, linguology,, lirren, lishiewishes, literally, litotease, littlebutfierce, littlelightlittlefire, littlemissnovella, littlewolfteeth, liviapenn, living4god1991, livrelibre, liz_chan, liz_marcs, lizcommotion, lo_rez, lockheart, logandi, logophile, lokapala, loki_of_sassgaard, lokifan, lolmeme, londonparticular, lonelywalker, lonesome_george, loptmeer, lorax, lordspooner, losers_day, lostdetective, loverstar, lozateazer, lpgranger,, luckster31, lucylee, luguvalium, lullula, lunarkitty, lunarwolfik, luoda, lurkerchris, lurkingcat, luscious_purple, luthienberen, lycanthrophile, lycomingst, lyras, machinistm, madame_oryx, madeinessos, madhatterclub, madman101, madscientisto, mae_linda,, maevele, magicalondine, magpyr, magycmyste, maiaofmischief, main, majicke, majoline, majorgenapathy, majorshipper, malazan, maliha, malnpudl, manifold, marcellalamarr, margin_of_error, marginalia, marinarusalka, marinathena, marishama, markmanching, marlenanke, marnanel, marny_h96, maryavatar, masu_trout, matrixmann, maxgoof296, maxwrite, maya, mbrry, mcamason, mdc_mods, medusa, megans_writing, meicdon13, mekare, melagan, melannen, melascath, melbournian, melissas_corner, melissatreglia, melodyprower11, mercurios, mercy, merelymine, meridian_rose,, merryghoul, mf_luder_xf, mg81, miami_tea, miasnape, michelel72, mickeylover303, midnightjuly, milesy, milkovich, mimeflower, minou, miracle, miramira, mirhanda, mirrored_illusions, misfit, misfitina, miss_jota, miss_s_b, miss_yuka, missingopossum, misskat, misspotter, misstopia, mistressofmuses, mistydayjudge, miyeko, mizstorge, mmejavert, mmleadinglady, mmmag, mntlyun, mochasprinkles, mochitastic, mod_phantomhive, modest, mogyi, momo, monack, monchel, moniqueleigh, monk, moon_dancing, moonie, moonprint, moonsilver, moreheads, morgandawn, morgwensraven, moritsugu, morning_sunlite, morningapproach, morwen_peredhil, mousagetes, mr_fix, mrowmraw, mrs_tribble, mruk, ms_katonic, mscongeniality, msilverstar, mskala, msmemory, mswriter07, mswyrr, mudousetsuna, mumblemutter, musyc, musycal_test2, muttthecowcat, my_daroga, my_desperate_romance, myinkyfingers, myst, mystee_sunrise,, mythicgeek, nagaina, nahemaraxe, nakuru, nanbungaku, narilka, nashira, natashaariela,, natharashi83, naughty, navaan, ndnickerson, nebulosity, nefelibatawritings, neke, nellerie, nepece, nerd_bastard, nerdrage, nerosmaster,, neu, new_kate, newredshoes, next_to_normal, nextstop_everywhere, ngakmafaery,, niciasus, nicki, night_mirror, nightmare, nike, nikkiscarlet, nilo, nine, ninety6tears, ninja_asty, nintendoh, nitalala, noble_siofra, nonnie_sock, norfolkian, northern, norway541, nostariel,, not_so_far_to_fall, noted, notreallyremus, nova_gurl, novamoonlight, novembermond, noxie, nozdormu, numenora, nurseowens, nurseshark, nyamh, nymphy, o_saya, obiwahn, objectofobsession, obstinatecondolement, ocicat, oconel, ohvienna, ojicontent, old_man_of_hoy, oldestcharm, oldtoadwoman, omgaeula, onestepforward, oniclaws, oniogre, onthecyberseas, openscarf, opusculus, orbitaldiamonds, originalpuck, oriolegirl, orvida, osteoclasis, ostralegus, ourlostprophet, outerspace, outlineofash, overlord_mordax, overtheroof, owl, owlectomy, owlishdreams, owlmoose, owolicious, ozqueen, p0cketbat, pace, padawanewan, padfoot, paian, pallasathene, pandorasblog, papercoversrock, paracosm, paraka, paranoidangel, partlycloudy, parumey, passionate_sense, pat_rapi, patita_fea, pauamma, paxm, paynesgrey, peaceful_sands,, pebblerocker, pellegrina, penny, pensnest, peoppenheimer, pepelequoi, perch, percysowner, perditaxdream, permockable, perquisitor_omnia, pessi_mista,, phantomas, phantomjam, philomytha, philyuchkoff, phoenixi77,, pinikir, pink, pinkadot89, pinkelephant42, pinkpanthress, pinstripefedora, piranha, piratebar, piscaria, pissedoffwetcat, plaidmutineer, pne, poetigress, poisontaster, ponderosa, popelaksmi, potted_music, presently, prettya, primsong, princee740, propergoffick, pseudo_tsuga, psy, psyche_g, psyques, psywave, puchuupoet, pucksxballet, purple_feenix, purple_smurf, purplecat, purpleparadox, purplerain, purpletigron, pyrasaur, qat, qilin, quackaquacka, quadruplify, queen_ypolita, queenbarwench, queenofserpents, quiara, quietspring, quirkysmuse, quoththeravyn, r_bomber, radiant_blue, raechel, raedar, raedbard, raemia, ragnorakrevolutionize, raichu, raikougal, rainbow1907, rainbow_goddess, rainflowermoon, raisedbymoogles, rampantverve, randomling, rathany, ratherbe4gotten, ratpasty, raven_tiger, ravenblack, raveninthewind, ravenrants, ravensson, rbb,, readmethesigns, readsalot, rebecca_selene,, red_trillium,, redcirce, redrikki, redsnake05, redtailedhawk90, regenerating99, rekall, rekindle956, renachan, renay, restlesssoul, reverse_skies, revolutions, rey, reya_starck, reyl, reynardine, rhi, rhiannonhero, rhivolution, rhodanum, rian, richmodis, ride_4ever, riocu, riodecwmtaff, risingphoenix, rmc28, robin_arede, rockunroll, roguemarch, roil64, rokeon,, rollcake, romana03, rootsofthestories, rosalynstar, rose_gialle, rosebee, roselightfairy, rosied, roundballnz, rouse, roxannechew, rozarka,, ruby_fruit, runawayaubergine, rupert_talley, ruric, rustica, rustydragonfly, ruuger, rydra_wong, sadrobots, saffronbunbaker, sailwithoutwind, saintseverus, sakura_iro, sakuracorr, salad_barbarian, salexa, salientdreams, samuraichef, sandoz_iscariot, saphylphyl, sapphoatsunset, saraqael,, sareini, saru, sasha_davidovna, sasha_feather, sashka, sasquatch, saturnofthemoon, saviltride, saxifactumterritum, saxonvoter, sazerac, scamper, scaramouche, scarlet, scheherezhad, schizoauthoress, schneefink, scifisentai, scintilla10, scorry, scoured,, sdk,, seanan, seaofdestiny, secretstaircase, seekergeek, seerofrage, seinoshin, selphiroth, semielliptical, sequat,, seratran, seren, serenity_ribbon, seryn, seticat, severusinvictus, sewn, sexycazzy, shadow, shadowcat, shadowhuntress, shadowlight, shadowwolf13, shaina, shakesperience, shanaqui, sharpest_asp, she_who_dares, sheeploveyou, shesfearless, shetiger, sheylindria, shinentai, shinyopals, shirahime, shirasade, shobogan,, shorelle, shoshin, shunyata, shy_magpie, sialia, sian1359, sibyllevance, sid, sidheblessed, silent_ic_river, siliconshaman,, silverblade219, silvercat17, silverhare, silvrguillotine, simonejester, sin_after_sin, sinanju, sineala, singedsun, sinnabird, siollan, siriala, sirocco_360, sirroz, sitonamicrowave, sivanshemesh, sjazz,, skieswideopen, skulkings, skyblue_reverie, skybound2, skylines, skyroom80, slashburd, sleepyempress, sleepysaur, sleuth, slippy, smarier, smaug, smiley_b, smilingslightly, snailbones, snake_socks, snakeling, snickfic, snidget, snova, snowpuppies, sobelle, sofiaviolet, softestbullet, sohotbertfestmods, solaciolum, solarbird, solitarywalker, sometimesyoufly, somnolentblue, sonadorita, song_sims, soniclibra, soot, sophie, spaceboy, spaceoperadiva, sparkthatbled, sparrowfart, spiderhoby, spikedluv, spiralicious, spiritsdance, spoonorita, sporky_rat, springviolets, spuffyduds, spydielives, sqweakie, srukle, st_aurafina, stabbim, stardyst, starfleetbrat, stargloss, staringiscaring, starlady, starlurker, starr_falling, starscoloured, starwinds, stasha2g, stepps, stickley, sticksades, stormbringer986, strange_loop, stray_grew_up, strikesoftly,, stripes, stripped, stultiloquentia, subbes, suemc, sugarkitty, suki_blue, sukuhov, suncani, suncat, sunfell, sunflowerp, sunkelles, superluminal, supermouse, supernatural_psl_mods, supernature, surpassingly, susanna, susanreads, sutlers, svetasmirnova, svgurl, swallowtail, swankyfunk, sweetsorcery, swingandswirl, syderia, syete_01, sykriar, sylvaine, syntaxofthings, szabgab, tabakat, tabbifli, taezark, tai, talibusorabat, tallan, taltos, tamsin, tanaqui, tanja, tarienemrys, tasbine, tatianarojas, taza, tazlet, tea, teaphile, tefnut,, teii, tekuates, telesilla, telltale, temetnosce, tenaciousmetoo, tenik, tenlittlebullets, tentacledicks, tentoumushi, terabient, tergiversate, terpsychora, terrible_tues, thalaki, thanatos_bride, the_future_modernes, the_new_alexis, theaccountant, theboredreader, thecatintherye, thedaughteroftyr, thedeadcat, thedivinegoat, thedreamisreal, thejeopardymaze, theladyunicorn, themeletor, themosh, theoldaeroplane, theora, theoriginalspy, theradicalgarden, theruinedcastle, theserubyshoes, thesleepingbeauty, thetardis, thetardisonthecorner, thisbluespirit, thoitaxh, thorfinn, thorlay, thousanth, threedices, threeringedmoon, thymindmaymove, tidepool, tigana,, timescape, tinu, tinygrasshopper, tinypinkmouse, tmbreck, tmcg, tolkien_dirty, tookhernowhere, torch, touchturnfly, travelingmonkey, travels_in_time, tree, trekfan, trialia, tribal_woman, tribute, trillingstar, trinsy, trixalicious, trixen, troisroyaumes, tronella, trouble, truestory, tumblingdown, turelietelconta, tuzemi, twbasketcase, twilyghtsdawn, twisted_times, twistedchick, twofourteen, tyffi, typette, uisgich, umbralpilot, ummhii, unavee, unbreakable, undomielregina, undyedyarnpire, unfeathered, uninvited, unto, upasika, urbanspaceman, ursamajor, usearki, used_songs, usodabada, uzume, vadakiss, vain_glorious, valengrey,, valeriethefair, valiha, valoise, vane_nt, variable, vasimr, velocitygrass, velvetechoes, verabell, veridienne, verrazano_libra, veryroundbird, vexed_wench, vickvega, vickyblueeyez, villeinage, vily, violethowler, visionofblue, vix, vlion, vlredreign, voldemort, vorvolaka,,, waldo, walkthepattern, wallflowering, wanderer, wannabedarklord, warbird, waruvial, wascally_wabbit, waterfall8484, waywardcats, weaverbird, weedpizza, welyn, wenchpixie, wendelah1, wendynever, wepon, wereowl, westen, whiskeynkisses, whitebirchwoman, wicked3659, wildcard_sej, wildefae, wildroot, willidan, willowaus, willows, wishfulclicking, witch, witchka, withorwithoutyou, without_wings, wolfdancer, wolfling, wolfpurplemoon, wondergal, wordwitch,, workerbee, wrdnrd, wrecking, wrecksahlia, writerlibrarian, wyldemusick, wyntarvox, xenolinguist, xirena,, xnera,, xoxomarina, xstockinette, xtricks, xxalicexx, xxlareinaxx,, yabamena, yamadaryosuke, yamamoto_kou, yamikarasu, yamx, yarrow, yayi, yesdrizella, yetunknown, yifu, yohjideranged, yolomezpa, yonic, youretheartist, ysabetwordsmith, yuite_dio, yukkie, yuuago, yvi, zaluzianskya, zana16, zander, zannah, zelator, zeldaophelia, zellieh, zen, zetace, zhemao, zillah975, zippitgood, zoamh, zogblaster, zvi, zz_helene
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