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[community profile] writerscafe is a new writers' comm—explicitly queer-, trans-, and disabled-inclusive, feminist, and anti-racist—meant for people writing pretty much anything at all to get community support, craft advice, and (every Friday) a social hour. Come join us!
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with the (hopeful) resurgence of dw, i wanted to create a community for any lesbians on here!

[community profile] actuallylesbians an all purpose / pretty much anything goes community for lesbians and lesbian-related things on dreamwidth :)

hope to see you there!
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rainbow flag flying from Exeter college

Everything Morsian and queer!

Queer Lewis, queer Endeavour, queer Morse!

Fanfic, art, whatever people want to post. We're just starting out right now, but join in with your stuff. Feel free to start discussions, post head canons, mixes, anything you like that is Morse-ish and queer. 

Morse Is Queer
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Link/Community: [community profile] theslaveexchange

Event Description: A multi-fandom fic exchange/mini bang type of funness where slavery is the topic at hand

Important Dates: 8/22/15 through 9/12/15: Prompting
10/3/15: Master list of all prompts posted for author claiming.
10/31/15: Master list of all prompts claimed by authors posted for artists claiminb
11/25/15 check in date
12/19 Posting begins

Notes/Other Key Info: We run things a little different than your traditional big bang though.

The minimum word count will be 3000 words. Of course, you can write an epic 100K if you want to.

We work on a prompt and claim methodology. Authors and Artists have no need to sign up, they sign up when they claim a prompt.

We are open to any fandom. The rules are simply that slavery of some type must be the theme of the story and the art. As a consequence, we expect all stories to be PG13 and above.
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[community profile] difemina is a new community for lesbian, bi, and pan women to meet, converse, and discuss issues specific to our lives. All difem women are welcome.
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[personal profile] snowpuppies, [personal profile] valyssia, [personal profile] skargasm and [personal profile] theladymerlin are proud to present the NEW [community profile] kinda_gay! As Spike and Xander so helpfully pointed out, Boys can be "kinda gay" too, so [community profile] kinda_gay is opening its doors to all Whedon-verse LGBT-themed fiction, art and discussion. We're hoping that re-vamping the community will make it a mecca to all things (fem)slashy, and have several prompty-type things to get your muses flowing: Our Fortnightly Prompt Challenge, 2012 Prompt Table, and The Current Plot Bunny.

Please feel free to come check us out (and pimp us all over)! You can find the new rules in the profile, and our mirror/sister LiveJournal community can be found here: [info]kinda_gay.

Come join us, and we can all be "kinda gay" together! \o/

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First: the one I'm a mod for

[community profile] hp_tarot This is a mirror journal for the livejournal community of the same name. It's a Harry Potter community for fiction and art inspired by the Tarot. We have just opened up sign ups for the fourth round of the fest. No prior tarot knowledge is required for participation (believe me, I joined the last round with no knowledge and still have relatively little).

Second: Two comms I'm just an enthusiastic member of

[community profile] rainbow_lounge This is a meeting place and adding community for anyone who falls under the queer umbrella (and their allies are also welcome). Everyone is very friendly and intros are basically free-form.

[community profile] unclutter This is a great community for anyone who needs to de-clutter their home, office or any sort of space. Everyone offers each other support and can drop in with updates of how they are getting on. The basic idea is one item out per day, plus one for anything brought in, but each person has their own particular goals and philosophies on that.
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[community profile] firstpersonporn is a community for sharing stories about your real-life sexual experiences and fantasies. It runs in a similar manner to various "anonymous kinkmeme" type communities: there are regular posts where people can give prompts, and other people can respond with stories. Anonymous commenting is encouraged, and people of all sexual preferences and genders are invited to join and participate.
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Announcing a new community, [community profile] queering_holmes, for discussions about Sherlock Holmes and queerness. This is not a slash community, though it is fan friendly; rather, it is a community for thoughtful meta, research, and academic/scholarly discussions about queerness in Sherlock Holmes canon and in the Holmesian period. A (non-exhaustive) list of on-topic subjects:

* history of homosexuality in the Holmesian era
* queer interpretations of the text
* reviews of related books/articles/etc
* close readings/recs/reviews of pastiches/fanworks in light of queer history/theory/etc
* investigations of gender/masculinity/etc in Sherlock Holmes
* forms of queerness other than homosexuality
* discussions of eg. orientalism, colonialism, class or other related subjects/approaches

Of course the Sherlock Holmes books, movies, TV series, and various other adaptations and related works are all on-topic.

(Mods, should there be an LGBTQ tag?)


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