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Sebastian whispering to Ciel

[community profile] black_butler  is a discussion community for fans of the manga and anime series Kuroshitsuji | Black Butler. We welcome fans of all (or no) pairings. Join us this week as we begin our season one rewatch. 


May. 28th, 2017 01:33 pm
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The [community profile] yugioh fandom community is getting a reboot, just in time for the new series! Whether you're a fan of the original Duel Monsters, GX, 5D's, Zexal or the new VRAINS, all series and fanworks are welcome. Fanfic, art, icons, discussions, it's all good. There's also a new FRIENDING MEME posted for meeting other fans.
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In an attempt to consolidate the fandom where I can, I've created [community profile] yu_yu_hakusho for lovers of the classic manga and anime! All fannish content is welcome, and there may be group activities in the near future depending on what sort of traffic we get, so don't hesitate to drop in.
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Do you like:

1) Hot guys?
2) Hot guys playing sports?
3) Hot guys playing sports in tight shorts?

Join [community profile] allout_rugby today!
(fan community for ALL OUT!!)
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A place you can ask others to write or draw something about these boys for you.  Anything is allowed as long as you follow the rules.  NO MEMBERSHIP NEEDED!  All the requests and other posts are expected to be anonymous.  All we want is for you to have fun ! 
Just click on the picture above and you're there! 

NB! I'm sorry! I accidentally put the politics into the tags. Why aren't I allowed to delete it? Why?! It doesn't make sense! 
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Rules | FAQ | Schedule | Mod Contact


Calling all artists, writers, cosplayers, and other sports-anime obsessed creatives.

Dust off your sleeves this summer, because we’ve got the event for you. The Sports Anime Shipping Olympics (SASO) is a summer prompt-based shipping challenge for all sports anime and manga fandoms. Fans form teams around their favorite ships and canons, and then compete in prompt-based challenges to show off how awesome their ship/fandom is.

Everything from fanfiction & fanart to games, recipes, graphic design, cosplay, videos, coding/programming, and voice acting are welcome. Think you can make a mean Lucifer Dogfish cake? Come join us. We’re here for everyone.

Sign-ups are open now! So what are you waiting for? Read the rules. Make noise and gather people to your team. Follow us for further updates.

Most of all, get. Pumped.

Spend your summer spiking volleyballs: join the Sports Anime Shipping Olympics.

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[community profile] thewritersnook is a prompt-based writing community open to all muses, whether based on a fandom or original. A new set of prompts are posted weekly. Prompts include quotes, picture prompts, word prompts, RP prompts, and a mun prompt. Writers are free to answer as many or as few as they want, and there is no activity check. Be sure to join the OOC community, [community profile] writersooc , to keep up with important announcements from the admins as well as meet your fellow writers!

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Bleach100 at dreamwidth.org: a drabble challenge community
A drabble is a short story.
Bleach is a Japanese manga (& anime) series created by Kubo Tite.

This week's theme is accuse! Write drabbles of 100 words (or no more than 250 words), using any character or pairing from Bleach. Due by midnight of next Monday, at which point a new theme will be posted. See you there!

[community profile] bleach100

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First, re-promoting! [community profile] oofuri is a general community for all things related to Ookiku Furikabutte, a manga series about high school baseball which has also been adapted into two anime series. We host discussion posts for each new chapter of the manga as it comes out, have a resource post for all things Oofuri, and have been hosting a communal manga read-through (currently through volume 8). The read-through posts are spoiler-free, to make it easy for those who haven't read the manga but would like to join in! We also welcome fanwork promotion posts, or anything else Oofuri related.

Second! The launch of [community profile] oofurikink, the new Oofuri kink meme. Pretty self-explanatory! An Oofuri kink meme, welcome to any characters/pairings and kinks (sexual or not). Prompts and fills will be indexed weekly on an affiliated tumblr account.

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[community profile] frfr is the general fandom community for all things Free! by Kyoto Animation and High Speed! by Ohji Kouji. Do join if you are interested!

We just started out (re)reading and discussing the first volume of High Speed!. More details are available at this post. It's not too late to join. Simply drop by, read and discuss! We'd be very happy to see you there.
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[community profile] oofuri is a fan community for Ookiku Furikabutte, aka Oofuri, aka Big Windup!, an ongoing sports manga by Asa Higuchi about Japanese high school baseball. It's also been adapted into two anime series so far.

Ookiku Furikabutte

We are planning to host a communal manga read/re-read that will include a spoiler-hiding policy, so if you'd like to read a new manga along with others with summary/discussion posts as you read, we'd love to have you! Other future comm activities are also in the works. :D We're also hosting summaries/translations for the new raw Oofuri chapters as they come out in Afternoon magazine.

P.S. If you're interested in the comm but want to learn more about Oofuri first, I made a promo post for the series in my personal journal a while back.
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These are some of the few Online Trading Card Games available on Dreamwidth. They function much like your normal card games in that you can collect cards by playing games and trade with other people.

[community profile] colors_tcg - A multifandom character TCG that features decks using mostly animanga-influenced art.

[community profile] pairings_tcg - A TCG that focuses particularly on pairings, either canon-based pairings or fanon-created pairings without gender-based limits.

[community profile] nakama_tcg - Focuses on collecting character cards by groups.

[community profile] astrology_tcg - A Western media TCG.
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[community profile] rooster_teeth - The first episode of RWBY was just released! Come along and join in on the squee. Also for Red Vs. Blue.

[community profile] labzero - The Skullgirls PC release is set for August 22nd, with Steam preorders starting on the 1st.

I also ported a couple of small communities from LJ:

[community profile] deltoraquest - Deltora Quest, the children's book series by Emily Rodda which also spawned a manga series, anime and video game.

[community profile] happycafe - For works by Kou Matsuzuki, mangaka of Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume/Happy Cafe and Ouji to Majou to Himegimi to.
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Shingeki no Dressing


This is an open, casual roleplay community for those wanting to play characters from Shingeki no Kyojin, or Attack on Titan.

and on that day, humanity received a grim reminder

» IC


» Premise

» Rules/FAQ

we lived in fear of the titans

Welcome to Shingeki no Dressing!
A dressing room style roleplay community for anyone looking to find a casual setting for their Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan rp! No applications required, jump right in! 
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[community profile] kuroko_no_basket
A general fan community for the Kuroko no Basuke anime and manga series.

Kuroko's Basketball | Kuroko no Basuke, is a Japanese manga and anime about basketball, which tells the epic story of a high school team trying to work their way to Nationals - and some of the rivals they face, the legendary Generation of Miracles, unbeatable in middleschool, who have split up and all gone to separate schools... One of the generation of miracles is part of of Seirin the main school, wait. Where did he go?

The manga and anime series are quite fun. :D

What's welcome here?
Pimping posts, discussion, updates, fanart, fanfiction (het, slash, femslash, yaoi, yuri, gen, poly, asexual, other... as long as it's got warnings it's all good :) ), icons, banners, love bars, reviews of series, fandom overviews, fandom recommendations (E.G link to art or fanfiction based on a series, that you like), advertisements; virtually anything if they are for Kuroko no Basuke.
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An anon kink meme for the Kuroko no Basuke manga/anime fandom.
Membership is open to all. Drop by and leave us some prompts!

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[community profile] memealert - A place to link to your love memes, anon memes, friending memes, and more like that. Here is a community to advertise them in when you want more people to participate in your meme. Subscribe to know when a new meme has popped up right away :D

[community profile] durarara - a fandom community for the anime, manga, and light novel series by Ryohgo Narita.
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Where's the love? Pacifica wants to know! (Pacifica looks discontent in her Soupy-kun promotional outfit while Winia looks on and Leo munches a bun in the background.)
[community profile] sutepri | [community profile] sutepri | [community profile] sutepri

The Scrapped Princess Community has made its way over from LJ, and we're looking for members! All types of fans and fanworks are welcome, so if you produce or consume art, fic, icons, translations, essays, scans, screencaps, humor, or anything else Sutepri-related, this is the comm for you.

Also note that I am making my (painfully slow) way through translating the original light novels. Are you one of the many readers mourning the loss of TokyoPop and Pop Fiction? Then here's your chance to follow the Casull siblings through the rest of their journey!
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If you enjoy Sailor Moon in any of its forms, then [community profile] sailormoon is the community for you. Come here to talk about the anime, the manga, the musicals, PGSM, all the random Sailor Moon stuff in your collection, or anything you can think of that's related to Sailor Moon! The community is slightly active right now, with a post every couple weeks or so, but I'm hoping that will change with all the Sailor Moon stuff coming out in Hot Topic and the rerelease of the manga!

So, come on and join [community profile] sailormoon if you're a fan! :)


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