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Hey there, I just wanted to let people know about some communities that are moving from Imzy now it is shutting down.

[community profile] childfree

(was /childfree on Imzy)
If you have no plans to ever have children, and will do all you can to ensure you stay childfree then this is the community for you!

[community profile] beautiful_bats

(was /bats on Imzy)
Here you can learn more about bats, share your love of them and chat about anything bat-related!

[community profile] hammypurplemoon

(was /hamsters on Imzy)
Hamster owners and lovers welcome here to share care tips, ask advice, show off their cute fluffy pets and also we are here for you when you have to say goodbye to your little friend.

[community profile] redheads

(was /redhair on Imzy)
All redheads are welcome here - whether you were born with it or got it from a bottle - and so are people who appreciate red hair! Share and enjoy pics and stories by, of and about people with red hair! Red haired/ginger animals also welcome!
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Well, maybe not everywhere, but it is on [community profile] caturday. Go and see relevant cat content like this and this and this!
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Cryptozoology: The study of hidden creatures.

[community profile] cryptozoo is a community for discussion of all things cryptozoological - sea and lake monsters, surviving thylacines, out-of-place big cats, Texan pterodactyls, rogue goatsuckers, hairy manbeasts, weird nature, new discoveries, paranormal creatures, and the animals of folklore, mythology and urban myth. Skeptics, believers, and fence-sitters are welcome alike. Feel free to stop on by, and introduce yourself!
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Most of these are pretty self-explanatory, I think, so I won't add much commentary:

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[community profile] reptiles for those of us, who like me, have a friend that doesn't have fur, but scales :)

[community profile] followfriday for the meme of the same name.

[community profile] homeeconomics101, a household-stuff community, which is rather active

[community profile] icon_style, monthly icon challenges!

[community profile] python, for those coding in Python.

[community profile] science, for scientists, interested laypeople and everything in between.
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[community profile] tell_it_to_the_raven is a new community dedicated to the exploration of all things Corvid. Feel free to post photos, videos, art, factual knowledge, mythology, folklore, religious musings, songs, poetry and anything else Corvid related.
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[community profile] tell_it_to_the_raven is a new community dedicated to the exploration of all things Corvid. Feel free to post photos, videos, art, factual knowledge, mythology, folklore, religious musings, songs, poetry and anything else Corvid related.


Oct. 5th, 2009 10:50 am
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[community profile] reptiles: for those of us who like our vertebrate non-monophyletic reptilian friends. Or something ;)
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[community profile] webspiders : A community I made because I thought Dreamwidth really needed somewhere for tarantula lovers! So far there are only two posts, both by me, so please join and post!
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I searched for a community for people like me who have reptiles as pets and came up empty. So of course I needed to change that situation:

[community profile] reptiles, for questions, discussions, and pictures. I would also really like for some one to co-mod this, since I am kind of accumulating communities :)


And now, my old communities:

[community profile] python, for, no, not the snake, but the Best Programming Language Ever.

[community profile] science for fellow scientists, wannabe-scientists and interested laypeople.

[community profile] icon_style an icon prompt a month based on a style.

[community profile] dailyprompt a writing/art prompt a day
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[community profile] poetry -- posting poetry that isn't your own for the enjoyment of others
[community profile] bechdel_test -- movie reviews/reports based on the Bechdel Test
[community profile] memewidth -- people interested in using or developing data mashups for Dreamwidth
[community profile] command_liners -- for people who like the sweet, sweet powers of the command line

Communities that aren't mine but that I think people might like:

* Today while browsing, I stumbled across [community profile] languageclub, which I think is a cute idea people might enjoy.
* I also found [community profile] wtf_nature and kind of want other people to join it with me.
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Rehashing a list of communities, since it's been a while. Everything listed is up, running, and therefore fully functional. Members welcome, of course. :)

[community profile] beta_masterlist: a community whose goal is to form as comprehensive a list as possible of the available betas and editors on Dreamwidth.

[community profile] blood_and_landen: a community named for Anne Bishop's Black Jewels universe but devoted to discussion of all her writing.

[community profile] burn_notice: a fan community for USA Network's Burn Notice.

[community profile] burn_notice_fic: a community for fanfiction based on or about USA Network's Burn Notice.

[community profile] burn_notice_graphics: a community for graphics based on or about USA Network's Burn Notice.

[community profile] equestrian: a community for all things equestrian--critique, questions, discussion, and upcoming news.

[community profile] jrr_tolkien: a community for general discussion of Tolkien's written work, up to and including the film adaptations.

[community profile] jrr_tolkien_fic: a community for fanfiction based on or about Tolkien's work.

[community profile] jrr_tolkien_graphics: a community for graphic art based on or about Tolkien's work.

[community profile] will_and_word: a community named for the The Belgariad but aimed at fans of all David & Eddings' work.
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Okay so I've made a ton of communities this past week and have finally got them in some form of working order to at least start things out. All still very much need work and I could use help with any/all of them if you're so willing. :)
Anyways, on to the communities!

[personal profile] atreyu - For the band Atreyu!

[community profile] avengedsevenfold - For the band Avenged Sevenfold!

[community profile] zackyv - For the Avenged Sevenfold rhythm guitarist, Zacky V!

[community profile] sevenfoldgirls - For the band Avenged Sevenfold's girlfriends!

[community profile] sevenfoldmedia - For all your Avenged Sevenfold media needs!

[community profile] bleedingthrough - For the band Bleeding Through!

[community profile] pandas - For all things pandas!

[community profile] photobuckets - Need a photobucket for a celebrity and they don't have a fansite? Or maybe you just need a photobucket full of wallpapers. This is the place for you!

[personal profile] puzzles - Puzzles! From small 6 piece puzzles to huge 5000 piece puzzles and everything in between. If you love puzzles, this is the place to be!

[community profile] sized - See an icon of a celeb you love and want the whole picture? Ask here!
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Do you like owls? Do you like seeing pictures of owls? Or watching videos of owls? If so, you may be interested in [community profile] world_of_wol. (Check out the comm, there are some entries already)

Like the profile says, it's a comm for posting neat owl pics and vids you've found on the net (or made yourself, should you happen to IRL encounter any neat owls).

[note to mods: I wasn't able to tag this as "animals"]
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[community profile] addme - A place to make friends. just post a little info about yourself and people will request to add you! A great place to make new friends.

[community profile] animalcrossing - A place to post about any animal crossing game, share friend codes and show off your town!

[community profile] art - This is the place for creative people. Share anything you've drawn, created or written!

[community profile] england - Live, lived or just love England then this is the community for you.

[community profile] finalfantasy - A community for fans of the popular Square Enix video game series, Final Fantasy. Any and all Final Fantasy related posts are welcome here.

[community profile] kingdomhearts - Same as above, only this time it's Kingdom Hearts!

[community profile] lifeonmars - The Life on Mars community, for fans of the British TV series Life on Mars starring John Simm and Phil Glenister.

[community profile] rats - Rats make brilliant pets, and this is the place for you to post photos, write stories and share information to help other rat owners out!
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[community profile] 1fish_2fish for all aquarium and fish lovers.


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