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Now that season 3 is underway, come join us at [community profile] outlander_forum , a discussion community for fans of the Starz TV adaptation and/or Diana Gabaldon's books. We've already got a discussion of episode 301 underway, so come and join in!!

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Calling all fans of the Outlander books and/or TV series!

I don't have any clever graphics because I am not a clever-graphics person, but with the season 3 premiere fast approaching (September 10!), I invite all Outlander fans to join [community profile] outlander_forum, a discussion community for fans of the Starz TV adaptation and/or Diana Gabaldon's books. Please note that at this time, this is aiming to be purely a discussion forum, not a forum for fanworks (icons, fanfic, etc.) as there are other venues for that. This might change down the road, but for now, the focus will be on discussing the show, the books, and related issues.

All welcome!

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Harry/Ginny Daily has moved to dreamwidth! Join us @ [community profile] hgdaily  for your weekly (mostly) dose of Harry/Ginny fics, art, recs  & news :)


Apr. 24th, 2017 06:09 pm
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I swore I didn't want to mod another community, but I couldn't hold out any longer. I needed a place to squee, so please come and join me!

[community profile] rocinante 
For all of your Expanse squee, whether it's about the books, the TV series,
the amazing Belter language, or about the actors themselves.

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[community profile] thewritersnook is a prompt-based writing community open to all muses, whether based on a fandom or original. A new set of prompts are posted weekly. Prompts include quotes, picture prompts, word prompts, RP prompts, and a mun prompt. Writers are free to answer as many or as few as they want, and there is no activity check. Be sure to join the OOC community, [community profile] writersooc , to keep up with important announcements from the admins as well as meet your fellow writers!

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The Exchange at Fic Corner is a gift exchange for fic based on children's and YA books and short stories from picture books to edgy teen novels. The FAQ can be found on the [community profile] fic_corner or [ profile] fic_corner comms. Tag set.

Sign-ups have started on AO3 and will run till June 25th at midnight.
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Because you need another challenge!

[remember The Baby-sitters Club by Ann M. Martin? Kristy, Mary Anne, Claudia, Stacey, Dawn, Mallory and Jessi? Come and read and write some fic with us!]

[ profile] babysitters100 | [community profile] babysitters100
rules | rules
tags | tags
prompts | prompts

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With the (long awaited) publication of the 3rd Gentleman Bastard book by Scott Lynch, "The Republic of Thieves," I poked around on DW looking for a community to discuss it (and Sabetha) and found... nothing. Sure, there's a bunch of REALLY AWESOME PEOPLE who like the series, but no dedicated community.


I said to myself.


I turned off my mental capslock and poked around a bit more, finding nothing.

So I created as a place to discuss the current, previous, and future books; to post fanworks; to discuss any RPGs set in or inspired by the world/characters*; to generally squee/flail/enjoy; to discuss critically; etc.

Please come join us (and currently, by "us," I sadly mean "only me"n LET'S CHANGE THAT OK) in exploring and discussing and having fun with this series because it's a super fun series.

*NB online role playing is super fun, but this isn't a role playing community per se. Just FYI. Although if you start a Gentleman Bastard inspired RP please feel free to talk about it/link to it/advertise it on the community!
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Hands up all who read The Baby-sitters Club when they were kids?

Hands up those of us who still read it.

[community profile] stoneybrook is a new community on DW for all things BSC. In the next few days (ish), we're going to start a read-through of the BSC books, starting with Kristy's Great Idea. We're working on the timeline of a book a week - it's totally relaxed, with a weekly discussion/squee/snark post, and you can come and go as you please.

We're also happy and willing to help people out with book trades, share fics, icons, memories and discussion at any time.


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[community profile] rooster_teeth - The first episode of RWBY was just released! Come along and join in on the squee. Also for Red Vs. Blue.

[community profile] labzero - The Skullgirls PC release is set for August 22nd, with Steam preorders starting on the 1st.

I also ported a couple of small communities from LJ:

[community profile] deltoraquest - Deltora Quest, the children's book series by Emily Rodda which also spawned a manga series, anime and video game.

[community profile] happycafe - For works by Kou Matsuzuki, mangaka of Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume/Happy Cafe and Ouji to Majou to Himegimi to.
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[community profile] middleearthkink is now open!

All Lord of the Rings and Silmarillion prompts and fanworks welcome. Come on in and add a few more whispers in the dark...
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[[community profile] metanews]

Community Description: [community profile] metanews  is a new panfandom meta newsletter. It gathers links to meta essays, posts, discussions and questions from all over the web, and presents them in easily digestible linkspam format!

We link to unlocked panfandom and fandom specific meta posts on DW, LJ, tumblr and beyond.

The more submissions we get, the more links we can share! If you found some interesting new meta, let us know.

We're always on the lookout for places to watch. If your fandom is under-represented, point us to your fandom main comms/tumblrs/newsletters so we know where to look. If you write meta and are willing to be linked to, let us know and we'll start watching your journal.

We're also looking for co-mods or link finders. If you're interested in either of these things PM us or drop us an email at: meta [dot] news [dot] fandom [at] gmail [dot] com

[Can we get a meta tag?]
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harrypotter: A Harry Potter Fandom Community

[community profile] harrypotter is for discussion, meta, resource posts, rec posts, promo, fic/art searches, fanworks, promoting Dreamwidth-based Harry Potter events, and pretty much anything Harry Potter-related. We're a laid back, casual community. Feel free to drop in!
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Like Transformers comics, movies, or cartoons?

Want to see fanworks based on them that are here on Dreamwidth or otherwise not covered by [ profile] thecybertronian?

Come subscribe to [community profile] transformers where we try to round up those works once a week for you to read! We're attempting to supplement [ profile] thecybertronian though we are not officially affiliated with it.

Create works in the fandom? PM [personal profile] tfmoddw and we'll follow you to collect your links!
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[community profile] thedarkisrising is a DW fan community for Susan Cooper's The Dark Is Rising Sequence, dedicated to discussion of the books and their themes, fanfiction and other fanworks, and other related topics. We're planning to have a series of meta/discussion posts about the Sequence starting in December and running through Twelfth Night, so we encourage fans to join and comment.
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It seemed like a shame that DW had no Shakespeare community; thus, [community profile] thegreatglobe is available for your delectation. I've just posted open reaction posts for the two aired episodes of The Hollow Crown, but please please please feel free to talk about any Shakespeare or Shakespeare-derivative thing you so please!
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harrypotter: A Harry Potter Fandom Community

[community profile] harrypotter is for discussion, meta, resource posts, rec posts, promo, fic/art searches, fanworks, promoting Dreamwidth-based Harry Potter events, and pretty much anything Harry Potter-related. We're a laid back, casual community. Feel free to drop in!

[community profile] hp_fanworks (formerly known as [profile] hp_fanfiction) is a community dedicated to the world of Harry Potter. We accept art, fiction, graphics, icons, fanmixes, crafts, vids, podfic and more. If you made it and it's Harry Potter-related, feel free to post it! All pairings are welcome.
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The Deflower Draco Fest: It's time to deflower Draco! Catch him if you can!
On Dreamwidth | On LiveJournal
The Deflower Draco Fest is for het, slash, threesome, and moresome fanworks that prominently feature the virginity (and de-virginizing) of Draco Malfoy. Claim a prompt or work from your own idea!
Prompting: May 24-May 30
Claiming: June 1-June 6
Works Due: Aug 24
Posting Begins: Aug 27

This year's fest will be fully mirrored on Dreamwidth! In addition, the posting of works related to the comm's theme are now permitted during the "off-fest season."


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