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Welp. I just decided yesterday that "hey maybe I should try being more active here again instead of just using DW as a place to host my annual book list" when I was updating it, and I was astounded to find there's no active book chatting groups! ...So, I made one. But it's lonely, and I need some readers to come join me; let's chat books!

Rules are super basic, posts simply need be about books (reviews, lists, discussions, attempts for group reads, news, questions, whatever!), treat others respectfully, use tags to keep things easy to locate. That's it!

So, who wants to come and dive into the books over at [community profile] book_love?? ^^
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The Exchange at Fic Corner is a gift exchange for fic based on children's and YA books and short stories from picture books to edgy teen novels. The FAQ can be found on the [community profile] fic_corner or [ profile] fic_corner comms. Tag set.

Sign-ups have started on AO3 and will run till June 25th at midnight.
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Because you need another challenge!

[remember The Baby-sitters Club by Ann M. Martin? Kristy, Mary Anne, Claudia, Stacey, Dawn, Mallory and Jessi? Come and read and write some fic with us!]

[ profile] babysitters100 | [community profile] babysitters100
rules | rules
tags | tags
prompts | prompts

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sleuthings: a mystery genre community

[community profile] sleuthings supports all your detecting needs across any medium and any mystery genre.

All reviews, discussions, excited flailings are welcome. Images with exclamation points and a discussion question in lieu of coherent paragraphs are also adored-- we're easily pleased.
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Hands up all who read The Baby-sitters Club when they were kids?

Hands up those of us who still read it.

[community profile] stoneybrook is a new community on DW for all things BSC. In the next few days (ish), we're going to start a read-through of the BSC books, starting with Kristy's Great Idea. We're working on the timeline of a book a week - it's totally relaxed, with a weekly discussion/squee/snark post, and you can come and go as you please.

We're also happy and willing to help people out with book trades, share fics, icons, memories and discussion at any time.


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It's been a while since Dreamwidth first started, so I dug around for some of the communities that I thought people might not be aware of and would be nice if they had some more activity happening.

Dreamwidth-specific: [community profile] dreamwidth_meta, [site community profile] dw_feed_promo, [site community profile] dw_design, [community profile] create_my_comm, [community profile] dwrocks, [community profile] dwstones, [community profile] followfriday ...

Graphic stuff: [community profile] icontutorial, [community profile] graphic_tutorials ...

Culture and learning: [community profile] history, [community profile] science, [community profile] rocket_to_the_future, [community profile] mythology, [community profile] paranormal, [community profile] monstrous_regiment ...

Life stuff: [community profile] environment, [community profile] treehuggers, [community profile] permaculture, [community profile] green_living, [community profile] unclutter, [community profile] product_junkies, [community profile] typical, [community profile] recipebox, [community profile] usability ...

Language and translation: [community profile] nihongo, [community profile] lostintranslation, [community profile] language_learning, [community profile] signlanguage, [community profile] linguafranca, [community profile] languageclub ...

Fandom stuff: [community profile] kinkmemepromo, [community profile] kinkmemes, [community profile] raw_manga, [community profile] convention_watch, [community profile] ficrecs, [community profile] fandomcares, [community profile] anti_recs, [community profile] checkitout, [community profile] on_the_bubble, [community profile] fem_thoughts, [community profile] hooked_on_heroines, [community profile] shes_awesome ...

Fandom meta: [community profile] metanews, [community profile] fandomacademia, [community profile] fandom_meta, [community profile] fandom_opendiscussion, [community profile] notfic, [community profile] tldrzone ...

Sell/buy/trade and creative stuff: [community profile] merchant_alley, [community profile] fandomgaragesale, [community profile] bartering, [community profile] buythis, [community profile] independentauthors, [community profile] dryspell, [community profile] paids ...

Media stuff: [community profile] fantasy, [community profile] spaceopera, [community profile] age_of_sail, [community profile] steampunk, [community profile] romancereviews, [community profile] starfighters, [community profile] webcomics, [community profile] overlooked, [community profile] shortfilms, [community profile] littleknownbooks, [community profile] thoughtfulromantics, [community profile] dreams_library, [community profile] sound_design ...

Music: [community profile] earworm, [community profile] rec_me_music, [community profile] musicshare, [community profile] onesongaday ...

Gaming: [community profile] gaming, [community profile] gamedesign, [community profile] letsplay ...

Vent stuff: [community profile] customers_suck, [community profile] co_workers_suck, [community profile] work_sucks, [community profile] rants, [community profile] international_snark ...

Questions and trivia: [community profile] leftoverresearchquarterly, [community profile] factfinding, [community profile] thequestionclub ...

Misc.: [community profile] iapps, [community profile] kiva, [community profile] drawthecircle, [community profile] anonymous ...
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Have you ever come out of the cinema saying "That's two hours of my life I'll never get back"? Read a book recently that made you want to throw it across the room? Did last night's TV make your brain bleed?

Get it off your chest and spare other people the pain. [community profile] anti_recs is the place to post your reviews of things you wish you'd left well alone, whether they jump gleefully aboard the fail bus, ought to have a trigger warning, or are just boring or incomprehensible. Crossposts and links to posts on your own journal welcome.
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[community profile] thedarkisrising is a DW fan community for Susan Cooper's The Dark Is Rising Sequence, dedicated to discussion of the books and their themes, fanfiction and other fanworks, and other related topics. We're planning to have a series of meta/discussion posts about the Sequence starting in December and running through Twelfth Night, so we encourage fans to join and comment.
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[community profile] the_school_of_philosophy Featuring quotes, essays, posts, macros, pictures, film discussions, any and all the things that deal with and produce philosophy that isn't from dead white males.

[community profile] atheismandrace Been quiet for a while but I am reviving it. Currently reviewing AC Grayling's the Good Book, chapter by chapter.

typo fixed, thanks [personal profile] boundbooks!
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It seemed like a shame that DW had no Shakespeare community; thus, [community profile] thegreatglobe is available for your delectation. I've just posted open reaction posts for the two aired episodes of The Hollow Crown, but please please please feel free to talk about any Shakespeare or Shakespeare-derivative thing you so please!
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Where's the love? Pacifica wants to know! (Pacifica looks discontent in her Soupy-kun promotional outfit while Winia looks on and Leo munches a bun in the background.)
[community profile] sutepri | [community profile] sutepri | [community profile] sutepri

The Scrapped Princess Community has made its way over from LJ, and we're looking for members! All types of fans and fanworks are welcome, so if you produce or consume art, fic, icons, translations, essays, scans, screencaps, humor, or anything else Sutepri-related, this is the comm for you.

Also note that I am making my (painfully slow) way through translating the original light novels. Are you one of the many readers mourning the loss of TokyoPop and Pop Fiction? Then here's your chance to follow the Casull siblings through the rest of their journey!
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Smart women read trashy books. So do smart men. And smart genderqueers. And really smart people of every stripe. We like to talk about them, too, with other smart people.

That's why [community profile] thoughtfulromantics exists. Whether you're looking for a feminist review of a steamy Harlequin novel, a recommendation for books featuring black gay men in wheelchairs, or a lively discussion on Evil Bisexuals, you can find it here. Come start join the discussion!
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[community profile] sagarawest is the Dreamwidth community for the fans of any and all books by Canadian-Japanese SFF writer Michelle Sagara West.

[community profile] thebainherald is the DW comm for fans of the works of Australian SFF writer Garth Nix.

If you're a fan of either author, come join us! 

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I've been a fan of Chrisopher Penczak's books on Paganism and magick since I first discovered a copy of City Magick at The Edge of the Circle in Seattle back in 2001 or thereabouts, and for years I've been wanting a study partner or group to go through his Temple series with. The influx of new people into Dreamwidth sounds like an excellent time to go about looking for other interested folks, so I've created a community and a couple of interest-gauging posts for study groups over at [community profile] penczak. If you've any interest, please drop in and check it out!
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There is now [community profile] readingtogether for anyone who is trying to find, make, or host a group reading/online book club/readalong!

I know I can't be the only DWenizen who thinks it's more fun to read something when you have someone else to squee about it with, so when I couldn't find a community focused on doing so I went and made one. :D Please drop by and help me make it a success, even if it's just to link to an old readalong discussion you know of!
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[community profile] imlookingfor is, as the name implies, a community for people who are looking for something. It can be anything from a book, to a movie, specific DW communities, to a beta reader, and maybe new friends on DW (though [community profile] addme might be better for the last one).
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[community profile] sps, or Slushpile Sleuths, was created for ebook reviews after discussion at the Mobileread forums. (They also wanted a short URL so it was easy to remember & share around away from DW, hence the abbreviation.) It's intended to focus on indie and self-published ebooks, rather than the mainstream ones that get plenty of reviews for the print versions that (mostly) work for the ebook versions.

I expect a lot of reviews about Smashwords books, but Lulu and Feedbooks are also welcome, along with reviews for author releases at their own sites.

Indie ebook quality is hit and miss, and they're scattered on so many different sites that there's no nice simple software to show which ones are read and liked most. This needs people. I had grand thoughts of a template and tagging system and teams of readers coordinating their efforts... apparently, it's not gonna happen like that. At least not right away. I'm perfectly happy with "just throw your commentary about specific ebooks here," and we'll sort out reviewing options later.

So come join [community profile] sps, and either review the ebooks you've read, even if it's just a link and "I liked this! Hot!" or "Don't waste your time; the typo-monster ate this one," or read what other people have to say and maybe find some gems you would've overlooked.

You can also join [community profile] ebooks for ebook sources, ereader advice, and conversion tips. Or just grumbling about how your favorite childhood books aren't available as ebooks yet.

[community profile] 25book_pwd

Jan. 31st, 2011 10:07 pm
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[community profile] 25book_pwd is a community to review, promote, and discuss books about and by people people with disabilities. Fiction and non-fiction books, short stories, e-books, etc; all are welcome. Please check us out!
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[community profile] book_memes is a community for people who love to talk about all things books! Post a BOOK meme or quiz, with or without your answers (or answer in comments), or take one away to post in your own journal. Begin one (they all have to start somewhere!) or revisit an old favourite. Think of this community as your dealer in book meme crack.

We are currently hosting a Book Friending Meme HERE. If you love books and are looking to make new friends who share your love of books, come join in!
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[community profile] oldbooks is a community for pimping public domain books--preferably ones available online--for the purpose of encouraging fannish creativity. Basically, it's here so you can get other people to read the books you've always wanted fic for, but that no one else seems to have read. And it's here for posting that fic, too.


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