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After a year-long hiatus, Homestuck is starting up again, so drop by [community profile] mspa_updates to chat about new updates!
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Calling all Doctor Who fans interested in taking part in the [community profile] who_at_50 51st Anniversary Fanwork-a-thon, celebrating more than half a century of Doctor Who-related goodness. All - that is all - forms of fannish endeavour are welcome - fanfic, fanart, fanvids, fanmixes, icons, podfic, and absolutely any other medium in which you want to express your creativity and celebrate your love for that which is Who, probably including some I've never even heard of. Signups are open from today; posting of fanworks will commence from 1 November 2014 and continue throughout the month. Anything evoking the idea of the extraordinary longevity and diversity of Who would be especially welcome, but maybe the best way to do that is by creating the most typically Doctor Who-like Doctor Who fanwork you can?

If you're interested in taking part, please take a trip to the comm and take a look at the signup post which will hopefully explain what you need to do to participate:

The Livejournal version is here

The Dreamwidth version is here

See you there! :)
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[community profile] thewritersnook is a prompt-based writing community open to all muses, whether based on a fandom or original. A new set of prompts are posted weekly. Prompts include quotes, picture prompts, word prompts, RP prompts, and a mun prompt. Writers are free to answer as many or as few as they want, and there is no activity check. Be sure to join the OOC community, [community profile] writersooc , to keep up with important announcements from the admins as well as meet your fellow writers!

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Bleach100 at dreamwidth.org: a drabble challenge community
A drabble is a short story.
Bleach is a Japanese manga (& anime) series created by Kubo Tite.

This week's theme is accuse! Write drabbles of 100 words (or no more than 250 words), using any character or pairing from Bleach. Due by midnight of next Monday, at which point a new theme will be posted. See you there!

[community profile] bleach100

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Is anyone interested in doing a Fringe gift exchange this year? If so, leave a comment at the [community profile] fringe_exchange interest post.
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An Image of Martha and Francine Jones from Doctor Who.  It has the words Ladiesbingo, for Any Kind of Relationship between Women and the url ladiesbingo.dreamwidth.org superimposed over it

Ladies' Bingo Round 2014-2015 (Round 2) Sign-ups

Event Description: [community profile] ladiesbingo is a bingo challenge for creative works about the relationships between women. It runs for seven months (from September until March).

The motivation behind the community is to encourage people to make creative works focused on female characters and their relationships.

Round 2 (2014-2015) is now open.
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An Image of the Golden Gate Bridge with the words Gen Prompt Bingo Round 4 and the url genprompt_bingo.dreamwidth.org superimposed over it

[community profile] genprompt_bingo is a low commitment multi-fandom, multi-media bingo challenge.

Its aim is to provide bingo cards of gen-style prompts to be used as inspiration in creating fic, images, meta, fanmixes, vids or any other kind of fannish activities. Although the prompts themselves are "Gen" (i.e., no prompts are specifically about romance or sex) fills may be of any genre, style or rating.

Prompt lists are renewed once a quarter (1st March, 1st June, 1st September, 1st December). New cards can be claimed then even if a previous card has not been completed.

Round 4 is open
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best of AUs: best thing ever

September is the best of AUs round at [community profile] bestthingever. We'll be sharing our favorite alternate universe fanworks created within a year. Come join us to get recs and/or share your favorites!
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[community profile] shipmanifestos

What is a ship manifesto? It is a formatted style of meta that provides insight as to why someone might like a pairing, or why they believe others might like a pairing. Think of it as something like a case file. Both canon and fanon evidence as to why this ship has sailed.
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[community profile] kuroshitsuji_kink is now open for prompts and fills! We welcome all prompts and fills in the Kuroshitsuji fandom. This meme is open to all pairings and characters, as well as gen fic. Every Saturday, a round-up of posts and fills will be posted to the community. Prompts and fills will also be posted to our pinboard account as quickly as possible.

We already have a handful of prompts and a few fantastic fills there, so come check us out!
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Attention Kuroshitsuji|Black Butler fans!

FAQRing 1

Ring 1 of the Kuroshitsuji Fanworks Circus is open now at [community profile] blackbutler!

Swing by, choose a picture prompt, and create a fanwork to share with the community. Fanworks can draw from all Kuroshitsuji canons, not just Book of Circus, and can feature any characters or pairings.

The first ring closes on Friday, August 8, at 11PM PST, a week from today.
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July 25 marks three years since I started [community profile] ponyville_trot, the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic community. It is still the one and only active MLP community on Dreamwidth. It is also the best MLP community on Dreamwidth. Like the Journal of Friendship, it is not a personal blog, it is a community where all can post news, activity, art... anything related to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. And because the Brony fandom is such a hive of activity, there is a lot to post about and there is something for everyone to enjoy. Since I like art and music and I post many times a week, there are nearly 500 examples of the best art ever and over 70 posts dedicated to music selected from literally thousands of tracks. And there is so much more -- craftwork, story telling, gaming, cosplay, photography, animation, meet-ups... all these things that have been sparked by a world populated with magical colourful ponies.

Each one of us has something special which makes us different, which makes us shine. So come share the light that shines within you, because when we come together...

[community profile] ponyville_trot
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Attention, icon makers!

Dreamwidth has a huge RP community, and a lot of people use other characters as "actors" to play their original characters. With that in mind, [community profile] pb_library was created to as a place for people to post and/or search for icon bases to use for roleplay journals - including manga bases and icons of live-action actors and actresses - as well as tutorials on how to edit and colour icons.

Happy hunting!


Jul. 3rd, 2014 11:04 am
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London Calling RPG

London Calling is a brand new pan-fandom RPG set in modern day London. It's a place where characters from a variety of books, movies, television shows, and other various forms of media mingle with one another, alongside various player created original characters.

It is also a game that allows players to write and explore the characters they love however they want in a very open, and easy going environment. We believe that good writers deserve the space to really create, and we encourage our players to make their characters plots as vast and wide as their imaginations will allow. We want to see the places you create and problems your characters may develop without you constantly worrying about needing mod approval.

We open on July 16th!

Transfer App
OC App
Canon App

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Are you participating in Camp NaNoWriMo this July? Or are you perhaps doing a similarly timed challenge? If so, come join us at [community profile] go_nano!

[community profile] go_nano is an unofficial support community for writers who are participating in timed events such as (but not limited to) NaNoWriMo and so on. It's a new community, set up as a casual place for writers to commiserate, seek help, or just talk about our projects and cheer each other on.

We're currently gearing up for Camp NaNoWriMo of July 2014 - we'd love it if you join us. :)

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The Exchange at Fic Corner is a gift exchange for fic based on children's and YA books and short stories from picture books to edgy teen novels. The FAQ can be found on the [community profile] fic_corner or [livejournal.com profile] fic_corner comms. Tag set.

Sign-ups have started on AO3 and will run till June 25th at midnight.
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Introducing a new kink fanworks challenge: [community profile] seasonofkink. This is an event that accepts all types of pairings - slash, yaoi, yuri or het. Any fandoms are welcome, whether anime or comics, sci-fi or fantasy, J-rock or K-pop, television or books. Avengers, Attack on Titan, Doctor Who, Batman, Supernatural, Game of Thrones, Kuroshitsuji, EXO, Sherlock, Pacific Rim, Hunger Games, Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit - bring ‘em on!

Rules: here | FAQ: here

If this strikes your fancy, and you’re ready to put your talents to the test in the wild, wild world of kink, join [community profile] seasonofkink now, and look out for the signup post coming soon!

Signups: June 10
End of challenge: September 30


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