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Community Name: [community profile] recsrainbow
Community Description: [community profile] recsrainbow is a noticeboard community for reccers, a place for them to advertise their recommendation site and post update notices. It used to be hosted on livejournal.com, but is now on dreamwidth.org. Please see recsrainbow's Community Guidelines for more details.
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Eddie Brock and Venom

[community profile] symbrock is a community to share your Eddie Brock and Venom fanworks of all kinds -- fanfiction, art, vids, meta, recommendations, speculation, cosplay, etc.

We're currently running a Bingo challenge until the end of January, and you can find the info here: https://symbrock.dreamwidth.org/9214.html
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I've set up a new comm centred around Terry Pratchett, and especially the Discworld books! You can come here, start discussions, share art and fanfic, et cetera - in a few weeks I might set up a monthly readalong, as well as maybe setting up screenings, challenges, stuff like that. We'll just see how it goes.

I've even set up a little prompt meme, where you can comment prompts and fill them.

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There's three months left until the new Captain Marvel movie releases. Get in on the fun and updates @[community profile] mscaptainmarvel!

All things Captain Marvel are welcome - comics, movies, fanworks.

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[community profile] ironstrange: Tony getting some Strange

[community profile] jeevesandwooster: A Community for all things Wodehouse on Dreamwidth

Two new-ish fandom comms for fic, polls, meta news and general fandom. Come and join us!
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come join [community profile] hp_iconchallenge to help populate the world with more harry potter verse icons!
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[community profile] fandomtrumpshate is a pan-fandom fanworks auction dedicated to supporting those who are most vulnerable under the current United States presidential administration. Creators can offer any of five types of fanwork -- fic, art, podfic, vids, or fan labor (such as beta reading or translation) in exchange for donations to non-profit organizations. In our first two years, we've raised over $50,000 for a range of good causes. All fandoms are welcome, large and small.

We began our life on tumblr, but have fled to DW and are happy to be here. Come join us as a creator, or a donor, or both!

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Community Description: [community profile] fandomweekly is a multifandom weekly writing challenge community open to both fandom and original fictions, where participants write and submit a short story (1000 words or less) based on a given prompt. Readers vote at the end of each round for their favourite submissions to decide the winners. Each challenge has two unique elements: a Weekly Theme and a Bonus Goal to meet. New challenges are posted every Wednesday.

Rebooting as of January 2, 2019!
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[community profile] jeevesandwooster: A Community all things Wodehouse on Dreamwidth

I've started a Wodehouse community!
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Hi everyone,

We're having a holiday fest over on the [community profile] symbrock  community, which kicks off tomorrow. 

Any kind of fan work is welcome -- vids, recs, art, meta, fic, filking, costuming, or whatever floats your boat, as long as there is a focus on Eddie Brock, Venom or Eddie Brock and Venom. Both movie and comics 'verse are welcome, as are AUs. 

You can leave prompts now on the Symbrock Fest Prompt Post, to give people time to get inspired. Don't be shy. You can post up to three prompts before you need to fill any. Once you've filled one, you can post another three prompts.

Daily themes and the admin stuff are posted here. You don't have to follow the themes, they are just for inspiration. 

This is a low-stress fest with a focus on fun. Any level of participation is welcome. Drop in an have some fun as your holiday schedule allows.
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[community profile] worldofkenobi

We're a new community created after the Tumblr Purge of 2018.

Are you a fan of Obi-Wan Kenobi? Do you have meta, artwork, fiction featuring our favorite Jedi? Do you ship Obi-Wan with Qui-Gon, Satine, Anakin, Mace, Rex, Jango Fett? Just about anyone?

Are you on the run from the Tumblr Purge and looking for a community?

Then come on over to World of Kenobi.

We welcome all fandom content from the prequels to the Clone Wars, and beyond, so long as they're Obi-Wan focused.

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Trying to figure out what to do until Season 3 comes out?

Me too! So here is [community profile] castlevania_netflix. Feel free to post fanart, fanfic, or any discussion topics you would like! Despite the name, any content/discussion for the games is welcome as well.

Rules/guidelines are here, and please feel free to join/subscribe!
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Frills of Justice: all magical-girl fandoms welcome!

You're invited to [community profile] frillsofjustice, a community for all things magical-girl related!

(I finally gave it an actual banner and filled-in profile, so I figured it was time for a proper promo.)

Discussion, fanworks, news, spoilers, and more. Whether your favorites are sailors, witches, Cures, Mews, knights, robots, idols, and/or ballerinas, all of them are welcome here.

Check out the rules/intro, or just go ahead and join/subscribe!
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Link/Community: [community profile] snowflake_challenge

Event Description: The eighth annual Fandom Snowflake Challenge is coming in January and we are looking for volunteers to help us run the challenge. If you’re unfamiliar with Snowflake, it’s a celebration of fandom and the people in it with a series of fannish challenges. (For more information check out last year’s Introduction.)

We need posters, commenters, and (as long as Tumblr doesn’t implode between now and January) people to help out with our Tumblr and Twitter (new this round!) accounts. You may sign up for one or more tasks; your commitment can be as much or as little as you wish.

Important Dates: January 1-15

Notes/Other Key Info: If you’d like to volunteer, or would like to find out what volunteering entails, please contact me at spikedluv @ dreamwidth.org. (And if you’d like to help us promote the challenge, please check out this post for promotional banners and more information.)

The Snowflake Challenge is about reminding ourselves why we choose to be part of fannish communities, and embracing what being part of that community means to us, and celebrating who we are. It’s about celebrating our specialness and our talents and what it is that makes each one of us amazing. ~[personal profile] kiki_eng
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Community Name: [community profile] arrowverse

Community Description: Weirdly, there didn't seem to be a fandom community for fans of all of the four major Arrowverse TV shows. So I made one. It's for discussion, fanfiction, fanart, meta, essays, whathaveyou. Click that link if you're interested. I haven't prettied it up much yet, and there are no rules yet, but I think that right now it goes without saying to be respectful and not be a jerk.
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[community profile] hansonfans

This is a new community to talk about the band Hanson, share your thoughts and creations and just generally be a Hanson fan. All discussion of their music, concerts, events, etc is welcome, as well as any type of fanworks -- fanfic, art, photos, whatever! All Hanson fans welcome.
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Homestucks Fruity Rumpus Banner

[community profile] homestucks

Community Description: [community profile] homestucks is a new fandom newshub/community created for the discussion and sharing of any new info, fanworks, meta, analysis, recs, prompts, and other fan projects and events related to the canon of Homestuck, Hiveswap, or Andrew Hussie.

Drop in and say hi!

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With a few more people around, it's a good time to promote the icon community!! If you've ever thought about challenging yourself to make some icons, come join us!

[community profile] iconthat - Come join icon that a challenge community
for icons!

Other Challenge comms:
[community profile] fandom10in30 | [community profile] icons10in20 | [community profile] nexticon

Also check out [community profile] icontalking for all your icon needs - challenges, discussion and links to other communities.

[community profile] capshare
finally, for posting groups of screencaps to help with icon making!
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Jumping back into DW land I discovered to my dismay there wasn't a central Velvet Goldmine community, so I'm fixing that over at [community profile] velvet_goldmine. Meta, fics, fanart/mixes, generally failing about this wonderful glittery mess--all of it's welcome here!
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Hello! I'd like to promo my new community for Visual Novels. [community profile] visualnovels 

Visual novels are story-driven games where the focus is on reading, and occasionally choosing choices. Sometimes there's only one story to tell, but other times it branches off into different routes and endings. Its can be a very varied genre of games!

This community is dedicated to the Visual Novel genre as a whole. You can talk about boys or girls love visual novels, you can talk about horror, you can talk about sci-fi...there's only two types of games not allowed, which can be found in the Rules sticky, and that's just because of legal concerns.

As admin, I'll be posting news and updates on upcoming games, anime adaptations, anything that seems relevant. There will also be weekly posts, such a Recommendation Thread on Saturday, and a "What're You Reading?" on Wednesday.


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