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Gabor Szabo ([personal profile] szabgab) wrote in [site community profile] dw_community_promo2009-08-25 07:02 pm

Padre, the Perl IDE - make it easy to write Perl code


I am fairly new to dreamwidth and I am not yet sure how really to get involved in the general DW community. I have asked for and got an account on dreamhack so I'll try to see how I can contribute there or what can I learn from the way Dreamwidth operates.

My professional background is mostly Perl programming and Perl teaching. As Perl trainer I often found that I cannot give really good tools to my students that they can use right away to code in Perl. I also saw that most of the people I teach will continue to use Perl only as a side-tool, maybe a few hours a week. This means that they remain at a beginner-beginner+ level for many years and they are constantly looking for basic things in Perl.
I also saw many people who don't know any Perl and are given the task "just fix this script" assuming that it is easy to learn Perl in a few hours.

Seeing all this trouble, slightly over a year ago I started to write Padre, the Perl IDE to make it easier to write and maintain Perl code. Padre stands for Perl Application Development and Refactoring Environment which is a pompous name to something which is just a text editor with an oversized ego.

The project seems to be open enough that attracted many people from various corners of the world. We also have translations to several languages. In order to show a more human face than just bits and bytes we created a page for the developers (which includes everyone who contributes to our project) to write about themselves and a separate one for translators only where they can write in their own language. Out of the 40 or so contributors so far 15 chose to add themselves to the page, you can read their testimony on the developers and translators pages.

Anyway, in order open a discussion here on DW I created a community called [community profile] padre_the_perl_ide. I hope to see there people who want to ask about the project or who want to get involved. I hope to discuss other ways to make our project fit better to people (relatively) new to Perl. So in addition to Perl experts I'd really like to see people with no, or little background in Perl to show up and ask questions.

See you around!