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Carl Sagan and Buddhists Communities

Hello, I'm the moderator of two communities that I'm trying to jumpstart. The first was [community profile] buddhists, a community for people practicing, studying or interested in Buddhism. I made a couple posts in hopes of getting some interaction going on, but nothing has happened yet. Anyone is allowed to join. The community will be largely unmoderated and uncensored, as long as the entries vaguely relate to Buddhism.

My goal for the Buddhists community is to have people asks questions about Buddhism, share their thoughts or practice, share Buddhist quotes and images, which includes art and icons. I'd be delighted to have more people join and get a dialogue going. Introduction posts are highly welcome and probably will be for quite a while. I'll continue to post an entry every once in a while myself.

My second community is dedicated to Carl Sagan ([community profile] carlsagan), my favorite popular science author. He's been an inspiration to me since I was five, when I saw Cosmos on PBS. My goal for this community is to have a place for Carl Sagan fans to not only discuss Carl Sagan's life, books and TV series Cosmos, but issues that were important to him. This includes, but is not limited to, extraterrestrials, SETI, life on other planets, astronomy, science, philosophy and history and how they relate to or impact the pursuit of science, evolution, science outreach in the community, education, religion and its impact on the pursuit of science, etc.

I'm hoping that the Carl Sagan community will be very successful because I think the potential for a lot of interesting and thought-provoking discussion exists. I have a few posts in mind that I'm hoping will get lots of input and feedback. If you're a fan of Carl Sagan and would like to subscribe or join, I'd love to see an introduction post hearing about your coming know his work and what has inspired you the most about his life. People who disagree with Carl Sagan are also welcome to join, but I expect that the discussion be respectful. :)

I hope I've described the communities well enough for an introduction. Feel free to ask questions. Anyone can join. Let's have fun!