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If you are in search of a beta to help with your stories then:

[community profile] beta_search is for you!

Come along and join!

Snippet from the community profile:

You are welcome to make three types of posts:

1) Looking for help
2) Offering help
3) Tips

You may look for or offer beta, cheerleader, or mentor assistance.
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From [community profile] punning's profile:

Puns and wordplay welcome, the worse the better. Long, short, contorted, obscure, whatever. Filthy OK, but must use cuts and some kind of content warning. Likewise triggery. Visual puns OK, but must have description in an alt= tag. Likewise, recorded audio or video puns need a transcript of some kind. (I'm not deaf or blind, so leaving the specifics open, but if you don't know what's needed, be prepared to take those who do at their word, and accept contributions if offered.)

Clean or filthy, puns will likely break your brain over time and cause copious amounts of pain. If you can't live with that, you probably shouldn't be reading this comm.
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[community profile] free_speech: This community is to discuss free speech, free speech news, and free speech politics worldwide.
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Quick and dirty for anyone looking to restart these guys. All are in various states of dying, but come in and revive them! Or take them over.

[community profile] asexual_fandom: This is a community to discuss asexuality and fandom. Does what it says on the tin.

[community profile] st_trinians: This is a general St. Trinian's community. All things St. Trinian's are welcome.

[community profile] fem_thoughts: Meta about Women and/or Femslash

[community profile] remix_tree: Remixing remixes and possibly remixing those
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[community profile] gas_station_tales is a new community for gas station employees to share stories and vent. (Convenience store stories are equally welcome, since the convenience store half of gas stationery is just as bad.)
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Brand new to Dreamwidth: [community profile] startrekficfinder

No matter what your Star Trek fan fiction reading needs -- slash, het, gen, friendship, tribbles -- if it exists, this is the place to ask where it can be found!

Missing that fic you read about Kirk, Spock and the tiny dinosaurs? Or maybe the one about the troublesome fire shrine?

Need some long fic about Chakotay and Paris for a plane ride or while you're babysitting someone's pet hibernating reptile?

Want a nice, angst-ridden story about Data or some crack!fic about Archer's Beagle to take your mind off your daily grind? Perhaps a soup├žon of Kira beating the crap out of Gul Dukat?

[community profile] startrekficfinder is the place to ask! It's also the place for those longing to share their vast knowledge of the even vaster supply of fic inspired by Star Trek in all its incarnations.

Come check us out, and keep checking because once the comments finish importing, there's a LOT of excellent fic people have been recommending!
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(Please excuse the outdated image, it's been a while since the community was "active")

This community is dedicated to the planning, coordinating and execution of our Virtual Saturday Morning Cartoon Viewing Party! Kind of like a Civil War Re-enactment Society, only with less guns and more Cookie Crisp cereal.

One channel created specially for this event. Seven in the morning till 1 in the afternoon, SIX HOURS of semi-historically-accurate programming from 1980's Saturday Mornings. COMPLETE WITH COMMERCIALS. But that's just the beginning...

You *could* just watch this stuff on your own. You *could* just skip over the cartoons you don't like. You *could* just skip the commercials and everything and not have to get up early and watch this stuff all alone in your darkened office after you finish off those TPS reports.

But where's the fun in that? That's not what made the cartoons special when you were a kid.

What made Saturday Mornings special went so far beyond just the cartoons... it was the RITUAL and the PAGEANTRY of it all! It was about waking up at the crack of dawn and knowing that all across the nation OTHER KIDS were doing THE EXACT SAME THING at the EXACT SAME MOMENT. It was about having to decide between Scooby-Doo and Flintstones. It was about waiting till the commercial break to go use the bathroom. It was all this and so much more!

And THAT'S what we're trying to recreate and celebrate here. Not just the shows, but the EXPERIENCE

So here's what we do. We create a special private channel that will only be available during our scheduled Saturday Morning Watch-Along. Like I said before, SIX HOURS of Saturday Morning programming complete with commercials, able to be joined whenever you want to get up and join us. Once you hit "Play", you don't stop. It's a MARATHON, just like when you were a kid! And of course we also have a text chat going along at the same time so you can share your experience with other like-minded folks all over the globe... it's kind of like the morning after a big sleep-over!

We plan to do these events as often as we can... one of them may even be a LIVE EVENT some day (more information when/if that becomes a possibility)! One way or another, though, we will ALWAYS try to have a watch-along on or near the first Saturday in September (the traditional Birthday of the new Saturday Morning Fall Line-Up).

Keep an eye on our community for when the next event is coming!
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[community profile] institute_studyprograms is a fan community for the Night Vale Presents serial fiction podcast, Within the Wires that started on June 21st.

Come and talk about the new show!
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[community profile] truckerstrek is the fan community for the new Night Vale Presents serial fiction podcast, Alice Isn't Dead.

Come and talk about the new show which starts on Tuesday (and maybe make things when we have more content to play with)!

Mods: Can we get a fandom_podcast tag maybe? Or tell me what this should get tagged as lol.
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[community profile] last_arrival X [community profile] rainbowfic Joint Operations Presents...

Hello Summer, Hello Blues RP
 photo LARBF.jpg

A special collaboration between the upcoming narrative RPG community [community profile] last_arrival and Dreamwidth’s own easy does it writing community [community profile] rainbowfic, Hello Summer, Hello Blues RP is an open roleplay thread that any character can join. It will be hosted at [community profile] goblin_bar from 21 May to 25 May.

-Come meet the characters for [community profile] last_arrival, opening for player applications in June
-Spend time with the [community profile] rainbowfic crew and get to know their diverse casts
-Wind down after all of your Memorial Day grilling
-All players to be awarded novelty bead prompts which can be used for games at [community profile] rainbowfic
--One of which is coming up right after the RP
--And you can have one for signal boosting too.

If you do not have a character journal, please bring a character-specific icon. Though the RP itself is set at a brothel, [community profile] goblin_bar has requested that any threads which get R-rated be moved to a community-member locked private post.

Come on over and check it out!

The Post Is Currently Live. Come and Play!
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[community profile] nightvale_dogpark is a new community for posting discussion and fan works related to the pod cast "Welcome to Night Vale".

If you haven't listened to the show yet, you can do so at Podbay or check it out the Official Site at Commonplace Books.

Come on over and post your fic, art, recs, meta, and squee at [community profile] nightvale_dogpark!
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[community profile] podfic_love is a community for recommendations of fannish vocal performances. We welcome recs and reccers from all fandoms, genres, styles, and ratings. Anyone can rec at any time, but we encourage members to also sign-up as a monthly reccer.

There's a sister community on Tumblr, recs are linked on Twitter and organized on Pinboard. If you're just getting into podfics or you're a veteran of listening to them, it doesn't matter. Come rec your favorites, and find great new podfics to listen to.

Promo for all
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Are you looking for a job? Looking for a place to talk about it? Then come on down to [community profile] jobhunters, your one-stop DW community devoted to the soul-killing process of finding employment!

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[[community profile] metanews]

Community Description: [community profile] metanews  is a new panfandom meta newsletter. It gathers links to meta essays, posts, discussions and questions from all over the web, and presents them in easily digestible linkspam format!

We link to unlocked panfandom and fandom specific meta posts on DW, LJ, tumblr and beyond.

The more submissions we get, the more links we can share! If you found some interesting new meta, let us know.

We're always on the lookout for places to watch. If your fandom is under-represented, point us to your fandom main comms/tumblrs/newsletters so we know where to look. If you write meta and are willing to be linked to, let us know and we'll start watching your journal.

We're also looking for co-mods or link finders. If you're interested in either of these things PM us or drop us an email at: meta [dot] news [dot] fandom [at] gmail [dot] com

[Can we get a meta tag?]
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Yes, you read that correctly. I am sharing some communities here (I don't moderate them) and figured they'd need some promotion. There is something for everyone and none of them are really RP!

[community profile] addme - a fun friending community. Make new friends!

[community profile] adventures_in_azeroth - A World of Warcraft community to talk about the game, strategies, achievements, and more.

[community profile] anxietysupport - A wonderful community to discuss and share about anxiety and get support.

[community profile] christianity - A place to discuss the Christian faith, share testimonies, prayers/praises, and more.

[community profile] colorvary - An icon community (also on LiveJournal). Usually awesome stock icons and some tv shows.

[community profile] graphics & [community profile] icons - Two other icon communities to watch. Variety of icons posted all the time!

[community profile] memealert - Get your memes here! Post some here as well to share with others!

[community profile] thecoffeehouse - A social community to share and discuss anything. Looking for more member participation!

[community profile] trueblood - Devoted to the tv show, True Blood. Icons, stories, pics... you name it.
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Hi! Are you learning sign language or do you have an interest in it? Auslan? BSL? ASL? Any sign language at all? Come and join [community profile] signlanguage, we'd love to have you! Discuss, post videos and websites, make friends, maybe find someone to practise your sign with, and most of all have fun :)

Now is the perfect time to join, as a friending meme has been started!

Just click on the image to be taken to the meme post!

[community profile] signlanguage
[community profile] signlanguage
[community profile] signlanguage
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 Hello everyone!
I just opened my community [community profile] curio_bay  to have a place to post my landscape and skycape photos. But...this comm is not just for me and needs members! I'd love for other people to post their landscape photos too, so we all have some great nature to look at! There is so much beauty in the world and what better way to share than to post photos for all to see! :-) You don't have to be a professional! Just show your unique corner of the world, share photos you took on your travels around the globe and enjoy!

So come join [community profile] curio_bay! :-)
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Hello! I'm here to share [community profile] takethistopcoat.

Short story: [community profile] takethistopcoat is a place for people to share their love for nail polish. From showing off manicure pictures to sharing tips and tricks for nail care, we're a new comm looking for like-minded polish addicts!
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[community profile] h50land[community profile] h50land[community profile] h50land
FAQ | Sign Up | Questions?

What is Hawaii Five-0 Land?
H50 Land is a challenge based community inspired by the greats like jjverse and whedonland. You play on one of three teams: Team H50, Team HPD, & Team SEALs. Once you apply and have been placed on a team you take part in challenges, could be anything from graphics, writing, games, to just plain luck there are lots of options! As the game goes on every team will gather points and at the end of a round the team with the most points will win glory, honor and a nifty banner. Then all the points will be gone and we start again :) The current round-info will be in the sidebar.
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[community profile] hp_prisonerfest [community profile] hp_prisonerfest [community profile] hp_prisonerfest

[community profile] hp_prisonerfest is an anonymous exchange fest for authors and artists to write/draw about HP characters in a prisoner style situation. So it could be Draco Malfoy taking Hermione Granger hostage in the cellars of Malfoy Manor, Sirius Black keeping Dolores Umbridge locked up his office, or you could be even more creative and have people locked away in their minds.

Sign-Ups are now open for our third round! :D

Het, slash, femmeslash and gen is all welcome :) Sign-Ups are open until the 28th October! :)

Rules & Timeline // Sign-Up!

Sign-Ups are over on LJ, but all fics will be posted at our DW and IJ communities as well :) Hope to see you there!


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