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Community Promotion (July 2017)

General Communities:

[community profile] beware_walkers
A 'Walking Dead' Fanfiction Community

[community profile] chromaticheroes
Promoting fandom for Characters of Color in Comic Books...

[community profile] command_line
A community dedicated to the first computer animated series: ReBoot

[community profile] commentficathon
Post and Promote Comment Fic(athons)

[community profile] disney_pocs
a community dedicated to people of color in animated Disney...

[community profile] miles_morales
A community dedicated to Ultimate Comics character, Miles Morales of the 1610 Universe

[community profile] residentevilmov
Your source for Resident Evil movieverse news and fandom.

[community profile] the_dakotaverse
A community dedicated to Dakotaverse created by Dwayne McDuffie and Denys Cowan

[community profile] the_tenth_power
A community dedicated to Saban's Power Rangers In Space and Lost Galaxy

Fanfiction and Graphics:

[community profile] hive_graphics
A Graphics community for the RE Movieverse (live action + cgi films)

[community profile] general_korra
A community dedicated to general fanworks (fic and artwork, etc) for Nickelodeon's THE LEGEND OF KORRA

[community profile] walker_graphics
A 'Walking Dead' Graphics Community

[community profile] pop_fanfiction
The new community for Prince of Persia Fanfiction.

[community profile] tron_genfic
A general TRON fanfiction community

[community profile] left4_genfic
A General Left 4 Dead FanFiction COmmunity.

[community profile] meduseld
Your source for Rohrric Fanfiction, Graphics & Discussion.

[community profile] ranger_gen
A community dedicated to General Fanworks for Power Rangers and Super Sentai

[community profile] removieverse100
A 100 Genfic community for the Resident Evil Movieverse

[community profile] residentevilfic
The 'Resident Evil' Movieverse Fanfiction Community

[community profile] uncharted_fics
A Fanfiction Community for the PS3 Series Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

General Communities: Video Games

[community profile] aveline_creed
A community dedicated to the PlayStation Vita Game, Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation

[community profile] drakesfortune
A Community for the PS3 Series Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

[community profile] ffspiritswithin
A community dedicated to "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (2001)"

[community profile] infantry_ward
A Community dedicated to the CALL OF DUTY Series..

[community profile] new_raider_fans
A New Community for the appreciation of Tomb Raider: Legend, Anniversary and Underworld.

[community profile] prince_of_persia
The first ever community dedicated to the Prince of Persia series created by Jordan Mechner.

[community profile] laguna_squall
A character community dedicated to Squall and Laguna of Final Fantasy VIII

[community profile] jethro_bradley
A General community Jet Bradley of TRON 2.0

[community profile] last_of_us
A community dedicated to Naughty Dog's survival/horror title, "The Last of Us"

[community profile] new_mombasa
Dreamwidth's source for Halo fandom and news

[community profile] rochelle_fans
A character community dedicated to the unappreciated Rochelle of L4D2

[community profile] sazhfans
A character community dedicated to Sazh Katzroy of 'Final Fantasy XIII'

[ profile] shujaa_warrior
The Sheva Alomar Appreciation Community

[community profile] sisters_farron
A community dedicated to the sisters of 'Final Fantasy XIII

[community profile] crystal_farron
A community dedicated to Serah Farron of 'Final Fantasy XIII'

Shipping Communities:

[community profile] forgottensands
A Shipper community for Prince/Farah (Prince of Persia) fans.

[community profile] dinkley_rogers
A Shippers community for Shaggy/Velma fans

[community profile] chrisxsheva
A community focusing on the relationship between Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar.

[community profile] broken_soldiers
A Community dedicated to the partnership of Rain Ocampo and Alice of 'Resident Evil'.

[community profile] aliceandmatt
Alice/Matt Shippers.

[community profile] suture_wounds
A Community dedicated to the partnership of Jill Valentine and Alice of 'Resident Evil'.

[community profile] alice_luther
Alice/Luther Shippers.

[community profile] imitation_earth
The Duo/Hilde (2xH) Community

[community profile] tron_yori
Yori/Tron Lovers

[community profile] sam_mikaela
The first ever community for Sam & Mikaela shippers.