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CHAOS Unraveled: 3rd Edition
The perennial archetypes of 'Good' and 'Evil' have devised a momentous contest to determine the dominant force in existence. A long-sought confrontation, both sides have enlisted a figurehead, a shepherd, to gather individuals to champion their cause. Those who come arrive to contend against each other in a plane of existence created expressly for the purpose of this hallowed conquest. Bells toll and drums beat in percussive unison, casting all eyes towards the growing conflux. This vast shell of a world, although quiet and derelict, is neither hollow nor fully abandoned. When only half the regulations are told to its guests, those remaining secrets ferment, waiting to punish the curious and triumph the brave.

• • •

Ever wanted a panfandom RPG with an expansive setting and world, where you can utilize both characters of your own mind and those already existing? Go no further! Chaos Unraveled 3rd Edition is designed for a broad, widely varied cast with a flair for both the dramatic and the comical. Heaven and hell have set one ridiculous mass of a chessboard, and it is up to those such as you to determine the triumphant in this deathly contest!
credit to splott at rp_tutorials
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The banner picture you used is GORGEOUS. Where is it from?
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Thank you!