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History Is A Lie (Period Drama and Historical Fantasy)

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"History is a lie...Lies, truth, it's irrelevant. The best story wins."

This is a comm focussing on period drama and historical fantasy media. Initially created to give Tumblr Da Vinci's Demons fans somewhere more suitable for discussion a place to post meta and hold rewatches, any and all other historical tv shows/films/miniseries/etc are all welcome, including, but not limited to, The Borgias, The Tudors, White Queen, Black Sails, Versailles, Indian Summers, Peaky Blinders, Deadwood, Spartacus, Pride and Prejudice, The Knick, Vikings, etc.

Fic, meta, discussion posts, graphics, vids, and other fanworks are all appreciated. Please come and post/promo your fanworks and relevant communities and events.
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What a great name and concept! Quite freeing.