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PokeStop: A Pokémon Go Community

PokeStop - A Pokémon Go Community

[community profile] pokestop is a brand new community dedicated to all things Pokémon Go! It's a place for news, advice, and tips related to the game, as well as fanworks and anecdotes that arise from gameplay.

Everyone is welcome: whether you've been playing the Pokémon franchise for years, whether you played Niantic's previous game Ingress, whether this is your first exposure to either or both, whether you're a casual player who likes collecting pokémon, or whether you aspire to control every single gym in town. You're all welcome.

Come join us at [community profile] pokestop & let's have some fun!
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Hello! Hope I'm not being rude or anything but would you like to advertise this community on [community profile] pokemon too?