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Calling All Readers!

Welp. I just decided yesterday that "hey maybe I should try being more active here again instead of just using DW as a place to host my annual book list" when I was updating it, and I was astounded to find there's no active book chatting groups! ...So, I made one. But it's lonely, and I need some readers to come join me; let's chat books!

Rules are super basic, posts simply need be about books (reviews, lists, discussions, attempts for group reads, news, questions, whatever!), treat others respectfully, use tags to keep things easy to locate. That's it!

So, who wants to come and dive into the books over at [community profile] book_love?? ^^
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[personal profile] krait 2015-07-15 03:17 am (UTC)(link)
Count me in! I'm terrible at posting, but I'll join up and watch the comm so I can comment. :D

Oh, and I would love to pimp the comm I created, too, which is reading-related: [community profile] readingtogether is a place for people to organise or link to group-reading activities, so keep us in mind should [community profile] book_love grow active enough to consider such things?