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A place for liberals to discuss the issues

I created this community for [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw because this is something I'm becoming passionate about and there isn't really a community where these things can be discussed anymore...

[community profile] daily_liberal

This is a community to share and discuss current events, especially in the political sphere. The goal is to post a news article that is important, informative, and/or entertaining, with community members encouraged to discuss it. A liberal, progressive slant is part of this community's ideology; this is intended to be a safe space for liberals to talk about the issues amongst each other.

I do post every day [when I remember] but all members are welcome to post and commentary and conversation is encouraged.
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Given that the UK General Election is imminent, is there room for discussion of non-US politics?
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Thanks. Requested. Should I do an 'ask me about British stuff' post?

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I'll fully admit I don't much care for politics, but it would be interesting to get insights on British politics especially given I have a good friend who is originally from London. In addition, I'm wondering if disability issues would be welcome in here. I've been blind since birth, and have been reading and hearing a lot about this over the past few years.