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wrist deep in puppet ass ([personal profile] chaobell) wrote in [site community profile] dw_community_promo2012-02-16 10:08 pm
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A cordial(?) invitation, from the Scout

Yo. What's up? So I guess you want me to do some kinda... community service thing here? Look man, I already did those 20 hours of Smissmas elf crap over that thing with the bomb which in case you forgot was totally Soldier's idea to begin wi--what? Oh, okay, community promo, I gotcha. This is like a commercial or something for a community, right? For what? Bet it's about somethin' awesome. I mean, it's gotta be awesome if you want me to plug it for ya. Is it about the new Mannguar convertible? Oh man, you're gonna let me drive one, right? Right?'s about a freakin' VIDEO GAME? Are you KIDDING ME? Look at all this talent, knucklehead. You wanna waste alla this on--wait, it's WHICH game? ...and a lot of WHO play it!? WELL WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY SO BEFORE!?


Ladies! If I may direct your attention to the greatest community about the greatest game in the world: [community profile] teamfortress2!

And of course by extension and such as that, the greatest character in the greatest game in the world. Come share your sweet videos of me whoopin' up on people. Or post your screenshots of me. Or show off the picture of me you drew. Or just talk about how awesome I am. Hey, I'll even get ya started. Here ya go.

Heh. Yeah. That's beautiful.

Huh? Aw jeez, do I hafta--fine. FINE. Yeah, yeah, you men can join too. There, are ya happy?