Jun. 16th, 2017 12:36 pm
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Are you a fan of NBC's Timeless?

Are you looking for a place to post your Timeless fanworks: your incredible icons, your fantastic fanart, your fanvids formidable, your fic, your podfic and meta?

Are you already thinking and/or obsessing about the next season even though it's over a year away? Are you longing for a place to discuss the past season's episodes, analyze the characters, and theorize about time travel?

[community profile] timeless_lifeboat
A new Timeless community at Dreamwidth

We're just getting started. We hope you'll join us.
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[community profile] weareloonies is a new community for fans of the 1994 BBC Scotland television drama Takin' Over the Asylum, featuring David Tennant and Ken Stott among others, as well as the 2013 stage play by the same creator, Donna Franceschild. You can post fanworks, meta, recs, headcanons, anything about TOtA!


Apr. 24th, 2017 06:09 pm
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I swore I didn't want to mod another community, but I couldn't hold out any longer. I needed a place to squee, so please come and join me!

[community profile] rocinante 
For all of your Expanse squee, whether it's about the books, the TV series,
the amazing Belter language, or about the actors themselves.

Mag7 Bingo

Apr. 22nd, 2017 03:42 pm
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[community profile] mag7bingo is - unsurprisingly - a fanworks bingo community for the TV series The Magnificent Seven.
Bingo cards are 5x5 squares and prompts are either general or character specific.
It's a very low-stress community with no deadlines or word limits.

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[community profile] who_allsorts (originally at [livejournal.com profile] dw_allsorts)

Doctor Who Allsorts is a mini prompt table challenge comm - basically an old-school prompt table comm, but with bite-sized tables (available in sets of 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, & 20 prompts) and a flexible approach to claiming. All corners of the Doctor Who universe are welcome (Old, New, EU, Spin-offs etc.) & fills may be any kind of fanwork. See the comm for more details!
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General Communities:

[community profile] beware_walkers
A 'Walking Dead' Fanfiction Community

[community profile] chromaticheroes
Promoting fandom for Characters of Color in Comic Books...

+More )
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Season Seven of the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is only a week away! The series is still as fresh and compelling as ever, not bad for a show that had originally only been budgeted for two and a half seasons.

[community profile] ponyville_trot is a My Little Pony fan community that has been active here on Dreamwidth since July 2011. It has 131 members, 1,789 journal entries and it is dedicated to all things My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Bring your works, discuss episodes, share great things others have created, and be excellent to each other!
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(Please excuse the outdated image, it's been a while since the community was "active")

This community is dedicated to the planning, coordinating and execution of our Virtual Saturday Morning Cartoon Viewing Party! Kind of like a Civil War Re-enactment Society, only with less guns and more Cookie Crisp cereal.

One Livestream.com channel created specially for this event. Seven in the morning till 1 in the afternoon, SIX HOURS of semi-historically-accurate programming from 1980's Saturday Mornings. COMPLETE WITH COMMERCIALS. But that's just the beginning...

You *could* just watch this stuff on your own. You *could* just skip over the cartoons you don't like. You *could* just skip the commercials and everything and not have to get up early and watch this stuff all alone in your darkened office after you finish off those TPS reports.

But where's the fun in that? That's not what made the cartoons special when you were a kid.

What made Saturday Mornings special went so far beyond just the cartoons... it was the RITUAL and the PAGEANTRY of it all! It was about waking up at the crack of dawn and knowing that all across the nation OTHER KIDS were doing THE EXACT SAME THING at the EXACT SAME MOMENT. It was about having to decide between Scooby-Doo and Flintstones. It was about waiting till the commercial break to go use the bathroom. It was all this and so much more!

And THAT'S what we're trying to recreate and celebrate here. Not just the shows, but the EXPERIENCE

So here's what we do. We create a special private LiveStream.com channel that will only be available during our scheduled Saturday Morning Watch-Along. Like I said before, SIX HOURS of Saturday Morning programming complete with commercials, able to be joined whenever you want to get up and join us. Once you hit "Play", you don't stop. It's a MARATHON, just like when you were a kid! And of course we also have a text chat going along at the same time so you can share your experience with other like-minded folks all over the globe... it's kind of like the morning after a big sleep-over!

We plan to do these events as often as we can... one of them may even be a LIVE EVENT some day (more information when/if that becomes a possibility)! One way or another, though, we will ALWAYS try to have a watch-along on or near the first Saturday in September (the traditional Birthday of the new Saturday Morning Fall Line-Up).

Keep an eye on our community for when the next event is coming!
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rainbow flag flying from Exeter college

Everything Morsian and queer!

Queer Lewis, queer Endeavour, queer Morse!

Fanfic, art, whatever people want to post. We're just starting out right now, but join in with your stuff. Feel free to start discussions, post head canons, mixes, anything you like that is Morse-ish and queer. 

Morse Is Queer
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[community profile] historyisalie

"History is a lie...Lies, truth, it's irrelevant. The best story wins."

This is a comm focussing on period drama and historical fantasy media. Initially created to give Tumblr Da Vinci's Demons fans somewhere more suitable for discussion a place to post meta and hold rewatches, any and all other historical tv shows/films/miniseries/etc are all welcome, including, but not limited to, The Borgias, The Tudors, White Queen, Black Sails, Versailles, Indian Summers, Peaky Blinders, Deadwood, Spartacus, Pride and Prejudice, The Knick, Vikings, etc.

Fic, meta, discussion posts, graphics, vids, and other fanworks are all appreciated. Please come and post/promo your fanworks and relevant communities and events.
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The Librarians Gift Exchange is starting!


It's an exchange for fanfic and artwork of The Librarians.

January 7 - January 17 - Wish List is open. Wishes can be made and claimed at any time.

February 12 - Gifts are due.

February 14 - Gifts will be revealed at the “Gifts” post.

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Come and join me at [community profile] earth_final_conflict

 photo EFC_Logo_zpskopvnkxa.jpg

I know this fandom is old and pretty much dead, but my love for the show has been rekindled like whoa. At the moment I'm the only one posting here, and I'm feeling kinda lonely. I'd love to meet people who are still interested in talking about the show.

Fics, recs, icons, general discussion, meta, news, questions, squee - any content related to the show is welcome here. You are welcome to re-post older entries (e.g. from other journaling sites) as well.
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Come and join me at [community profile] earth_final_conflict

 photo EFC_Logo_zpskopvnkxa.jpg

This fandom is old and pretty much dead, but I can't be the only one here, right? The show just got a re-run in Germany after almost ten years, and there's finally a DVD release, too. So I'm currently re-watching and need a place to share my squee. *g*

Fics, recs, icons, general discussion, meta, news, questions, squee - any content related to the show is welcome here. You are welcome to re-post older entries (e.g. from other journaling sites) as well.
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Welcome to the Library

Link/Community: [community profile] thelibrarians_tv

Description: I've just created a community for fans of the TNT show The Librarians. The fandom is excited about the show returning for its second season in November, and now we have a place to squee on dw, too!

Discuss your favorite episodes, post fic and fanart, have a good time in our small and friendly fandom.
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Come and join me at [community profile] earth_final_conflict

This fandom is old and pretty much dead, but I can't be the only one here, right? The show just got a re-run in Germany after almost ten years, and there's finally a DVD release, too. So I'm currently re-watching and need a place to share my squee. *g*
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[community profile] southparkslash

A community for fans of South Park, welcoming various types of fanworks, discussion, and all sorts of fannish participation.
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[community profile] thewritersnook is a prompt-based writing community open to all muses, whether based on a fandom or original. A new set of prompts are posted weekly. Prompts include quotes, picture prompts, word prompts, RP prompts, and a mun prompt. Writers are free to answer as many or as few as they want, and there is no activity check. Be sure to join the OOC community, [community profile] writersooc , to keep up with important announcements from the admins as well as meet your fellow writers!

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July 25 marks three years since I started [community profile] ponyville_trot, the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic community. It is still the one and only active MLP community on Dreamwidth. It is also the best MLP community on Dreamwidth. Like the Journal of Friendship, it is not a personal blog, it is a community where all can post news, activity, art... anything related to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. And because the Brony fandom is such a hive of activity, there is a lot to post about and there is something for everyone to enjoy. Since I like art and music and I post many times a week, there are nearly 500 examples of the best art ever and over 70 posts dedicated to music selected from literally thousands of tracks. And there is so much more -- craftwork, story telling, gaming, cosplay, photography, animation, meet-ups... all these things that have been sparked by a world populated with magical colourful ponies.

Each one of us has something special which makes us different, which makes us shine. So come share the light that shines within you, because when we come together...

[community profile] ponyville_trot
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Do you love Teen Wolf?

Do you love Sterek?

If so, please check out [community profile] sterekcampaign!

During past hiatus-es (hiatusi?) we've had fic-fests, charity auctions, and meta for Sterek!

This hiatus-time around we are hosting the 8 Weeks Project! It's in full-swing and has been a blast so far!

We decided it was time to have fun with our ship again, so we’ve got eight weeks full of activities planned to fill in this hiatus! These are all just for fun - you can participate in all of them or just some of them. We have tried to find projects for everyone - from creators to observers, everyone will find fun ways to get involved and celebrate the Sterek ship!

We’ll be running several different projects, along with some interactive events, such as:

-Fic Club
-Graphic Battles
-Sterekgraphy Contest
-Fandom Showcase
-Sterek Fans Map
-Popcorn Night!
-Surprise Charity Event
-Twitter Event (#stereklove)

A list of all the current and past projects and submissions can be found HERE (the Graphic Battles and Fan Map are my favorite!)
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A community for fans of the new TV show on ABC, Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  Everyone is welcome to post, fan activity welcome!  Looking forward to lots of meta, episode discussions, and fic and art!

[community profile] agents_of_shield - come visit!


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