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[community profile] gallifrey_times went away for a long while, but since I've managed an issue per day all week, I think I can confidently say that it's back.
  • If you are a Who fan who wants a daily shot of news and reviews and links to fanworks, please subscribe. We're a bit like Who Daily on LJ (although we explicitly try not to tread on their toes - there was a time when I was a back up for Who Daily as well as doing GT and I still have a lot of affection for them).

  • If you're a Who fan who does fic, or reviews, or art, or vids, or podcasts, or any other content you want promoting to other Who fans? please request to be added to our watch list - I'd really REALLY love to have more Dreamwidth-hosted content on there.
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[community profile] bpd is a community for those who suffer from borderline personality disorder and for those who want help dealing with loved ones who have the disorder.
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[community profile] gas_station_tales is a new community for gas station employees to share stories and vent. (Convenience store stories are equally welcome, since the convenience store half of gas stationery is just as bad.)
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[community profile] icontalking
A place for iconmakers to talk about icons and get up-to-date info on iconmaking activities. Join here!

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[community profile] who_allsorts (originally at [livejournal.com profile] dw_allsorts)

Doctor Who Allsorts is a mini prompt table challenge comm - basically an old-school prompt table comm, but with bite-sized tables (available in sets of 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, & 20 prompts) and a flexible approach to claiming. All corners of the Doctor Who universe are welcome (Old, New, EU, Spin-offs etc.) & fills may be any kind of fanwork. See the comm for more details!
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It just occurred to me that maybe I should get this promo up before tonight! The [community profile] quarter_mile comm, sister to the one on lj, is open and ready to receive all your squee, discussion, and fanworks for F8: Fate of the Furious and all previous Fast/Furious movies.

We'll have spoiler rules in place, so even if you can't see the film right away you should still join us!

[community profile] quarter_mile
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[community profile] journalsandplanners is a community dedicated to journals, planners, and the related supplies.

We welcome anything related. We welcome all forms and styles of journals and planners: paper, electronic, art, Internet-based, whatever you use.

Looking for inspiration? Wondering what to do with old journals or planners? Want to squee about new media you’re using or a journal style you love? Wondering about which products will work best for what you need? Whatever you think of, it’s all welcome.

Come check it out! [community profile] journalsandplanners
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with the (hopeful) resurgence of dw, i wanted to create a community for any lesbians on here!

[community profile] actuallylesbians 

...is an all purpose / pretty much anything goes community for lesbians and lesbian-related things on dreamwidth :)

hope to see you there!
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General Communities:

[community profile] beware_walkers
A 'Walking Dead' Fanfiction Community

[community profile] chromaticheroes
Promoting fandom for Characters of Color in Comic Books...

+More )
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Brand new to Dreamwidth: [community profile] startrekficfinder

No matter what your Star Trek fan fiction reading needs -- slash, het, gen, friendship, tribbles -- if it exists, this is the place to ask where it can be found!

Missing that fic you read about Kirk, Spock and the tiny dinosaurs? Or maybe the one about the troublesome fire shrine?

Need some long fic about Chakotay and Paris for a plane ride or while you're babysitting someone's pet hibernating reptile?

Want a nice, angst-ridden story about Data or some crack!fic about Archer's Beagle to take your mind off your daily grind? Perhaps a soupçon of Kira beating the crap out of Gul Dukat?

[community profile] startrekficfinder is the place to ask! It's also the place for those longing to share their vast knowledge of the even vaster supply of fic inspired by Star Trek in all its incarnations.

Come check us out, and keep checking because once the comments finish importing, there's a LOT of excellent fic people have been recommending!
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Season Seven of the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is only a week away! The series is still as fresh and compelling as ever, not bad for a show that had originally only been budgeted for two and a half seasons.

[community profile] ponyville_trot is a My Little Pony fan community that has been active here on Dreamwidth since July 2011. It has 131 members, 1,789 journal entries and it is dedicated to all things My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Bring your works, discuss episodes, share great things others have created, and be excellent to each other!
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I'm co-mod of a music community on FB that I really enjoy, so I thought I'd bring the idea here. I just started a community called [community profile] beautifulmechanical for the purpose of just sharing (through links, embeds, etc.) music that we love. We'll also have themes and challenges. It's meant to be a laid back place to talk about music, all kinds of music, and get each other excited about our favorites. The name comes from a song I really love by a group called yMusic.
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Hi everyone,

I've created a community for fandom discussion and sharing of information, making friends, etc.  Please check it out at [community profile] fandomcomm and feel free to post anything there you wish!
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[community profile] 2017revival was started with the intention of being a sister to the community of the same name on LiveJournal. With the announcement of LJ's new User Agreement (which is apparently only binding in Russian), I'm seeing a rush of people deleting their journals tonight, and imagine there will be people looking for new/old friends in short order. So come on over and introduce yourself!
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An image of Poppies with Gen Prompt Bingo Round 12 and the url genprompt_bingo.dreamwidth.org superimposed over it

[community profile] genprompt_bingo is a low commitment multi-fandom, multi-media bingo challenge.

Its aim is to provide bingo cards of gen-style prompts to be used as inspiration in creating fic, images, meta, fanmixes, vids or any other kind of fannish activities. Although the prompts themselves are "Gen" (i.e., no prompts are specifically about romance or sex) fills may be of any genre, style or rating.

Prompt lists are renewed at the start of December and April. New cards can be claimed then even if a previous card has not been completed.

Round 12 is open
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(Please excuse the outdated image, it's been a while since the community was "active")

This community is dedicated to the planning, coordinating and execution of our Virtual Saturday Morning Cartoon Viewing Party! Kind of like a Civil War Re-enactment Society, only with less guns and more Cookie Crisp cereal.

One Livestream.com channel created specially for this event. Seven in the morning till 1 in the afternoon, SIX HOURS of semi-historically-accurate programming from 1980's Saturday Mornings. COMPLETE WITH COMMERCIALS. But that's just the beginning...

You *could* just watch this stuff on your own. You *could* just skip over the cartoons you don't like. You *could* just skip the commercials and everything and not have to get up early and watch this stuff all alone in your darkened office after you finish off those TPS reports.

But where's the fun in that? That's not what made the cartoons special when you were a kid.

What made Saturday Mornings special went so far beyond just the cartoons... it was the RITUAL and the PAGEANTRY of it all! It was about waking up at the crack of dawn and knowing that all across the nation OTHER KIDS were doing THE EXACT SAME THING at the EXACT SAME MOMENT. It was about having to decide between Scooby-Doo and Flintstones. It was about waiting till the commercial break to go use the bathroom. It was all this and so much more!

And THAT'S what we're trying to recreate and celebrate here. Not just the shows, but the EXPERIENCE

So here's what we do. We create a special private LiveStream.com channel that will only be available during our scheduled Saturday Morning Watch-Along. Like I said before, SIX HOURS of Saturday Morning programming complete with commercials, able to be joined whenever you want to get up and join us. Once you hit "Play", you don't stop. It's a MARATHON, just like when you were a kid! And of course we also have a text chat going along at the same time so you can share your experience with other like-minded folks all over the globe... it's kind of like the morning after a big sleep-over!

We plan to do these events as often as we can... one of them may even be a LIVE EVENT some day (more information when/if that becomes a possibility)! One way or another, though, we will ALWAYS try to have a watch-along on or near the first Saturday in September (the traditional Birthday of the new Saturday Morning Fall Line-Up).

Keep an eye on our community for when the next event is coming!
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PokeStop - A Pokémon Go Community

Has the launch of Generation 2 rekindled your interest in PokeGo? Then come join us at [community profile] pokestop! We post news, updates, advice, and tips related to the game but fanworks and anecdotes that arise from gameplay are more than welcome too.

Please come join us & let's have some fun!
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Bujo promo banner

[community profile] bujo is a new community dedicated to all things related to bullet journals. Anyone who uses bullet journals, or is interested in using bullet journals, is welcome. It's a place for questions, advice, inspiration, and all-around general discussion. Please come and join us! :)
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Do you love Dungeons and Dragons? Do you love voice actors? Have you ever thought to yourself "wouldn't it be awesome if a show combined dragons and professional voice actors rp-ing adorable characters in awkward situations and life and death battles"?

Go check out Critical Role, the show where a bunch of nerdy-ass voice actors play dungeons and dragons.

And while you're watching it (or if you're already a fan) come check out the brand new [community profile] criticalrole community!

We'll be having weekly discussion posts, fanfic/fanart recs, flails about our favorite characters, and much more to come!
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Genre: Celebrity BDSM RPS
Name: Citadel
Contact: the mods - [personal profile] jennandanica, [personal profile] fiercy and [personal profile] alley_oops
Main Comm: Citadel
Minimum Age Requirement: 18+
Deadline: None

More Information on the Game )

Current Pups (Already Taken) )


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