Apr. 9th, 2017

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Promoting fandom for Characters of Color in Comic Books...

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Brand new to Dreamwidth: [community profile] startrekficfinder

No matter what your Star Trek fan fiction reading needs -- slash, het, gen, friendship, tribbles -- if it exists, this is the place to ask where it can be found!

Missing that fic you read about Kirk, Spock and the tiny dinosaurs? Or maybe the one about the troublesome fire shrine?

Need some long fic about Chakotay and Paris for a plane ride or while you're babysitting someone's pet hibernating reptile?

Want a nice, angst-ridden story about Data or some crack!fic about Archer's Beagle to take your mind off your daily grind? Perhaps a soup├žon of Kira beating the crap out of Gul Dukat?

[community profile] startrekficfinder is the place to ask! It's also the place for those longing to share their vast knowledge of the even vaster supply of fic inspired by Star Trek in all its incarnations.

Come check us out, and keep checking because once the comments finish importing, there's a LOT of excellent fic people have been recommending!


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